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COVID-19 Student Commentaries

Hosted by the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center and the COVID-10 Research Initiative, Marquette students delve into research stemming from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. June-September, 2020



Intern Spotlight: Internship with Milwaukee Museum

Through the Launch Program in Biology and Environmental Studies, Charla Replogle was able to gain valuable professional experience that helped aid them in their graduate school ambitions. 



Applied Global Business Learning
: The Community of San Francisco 

Volunteers from Marquette work on projects in developing countries. The project in San Francisco, Guatemala, for example, includes the analysis of consumption, production, and the constraints on the economy. March 2015

Physics students

Students in Physics

Students have collaborated with faculty on projects such as the Cosmic Ray group for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, radio astronomy with the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and the enzyme "Nitrile Hydrotase."

urban voice


The Urban Voice

Following a workshop of intensive training in journalism and digital news gathering, students set out across to the city to report on what social justice looks like in Milwaukee. After researching, writing, and editing, students create an edition of the Urban Voice publication.



The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Engineering

Students and faculty partner in research projects outside the classroom research experience. Recent SURF research includes topics such as UV light emitting diodes, aerial dispersion of combustion-generated pollutants, and microstructural characterization of alloys. 


Explorer Challenge

The Explorer Challenge

Students and faculty can receive seed money for innovative projects that make an impact. See previous awardees and their projects as well as the published report. Students have worked on topics that range from film festivals to rehabilitation after strokes. 


comm video 

Undergraduate Student Work in the College of Communication

Short films by Marquette students include "Milwaukee Skeeball" (a.k.a. "Darn Good Balls"), created within the Documentary Production course, and "Stand up girl" created by student Michelle Gomez.  

health video


Comic Relief: A student turns a chemistry assignment into a graphic novel

For his chemistry class, Pouya Mirzaei was asked to create a children's book about chemistry. He wanted to turn his chemistry "kid's book" assignment into an art project and chose to create his first-ever graphic novel. Stuck with Atomic Bonds focused on a frustrated chemistry student who shrinks down to atomic level to better understand atoms. 



English 1002: Rhetoric and Composition, Solitary Confinement

Payne Elliott uses dramatic interpretation to illustrate flaws in the United States prison/judicial system, specifically targeting its use of solitary confinement. Fall 2015


History theses


Recent Senior Theses by History Majors, Recent Undergraduate Digital Humanities Projects  

Students have looked into topics such as "Finding the Place of Mexicans in World War II America" and "The Material Turn in History." 

social sciences interns

Social and Cultural Studies Interns

Students discuss how their participation in the Multidisciplinary Internship Program offered them new knowledge and experience in, for example, the juvenile justice, the public defender's office, and work with refugees. 


O'brien Fellowship


The O'Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism

Fellows spend nine months researching and reporting on stories with the power to compel change. Topics include COVID-19 precautions in for-profit youth sport tournaments and the racial gaps in opportunity for Milwaukeeans.




The 707 Hub

Housed in this multipurpose space are many of the social innovation programs at Marquette. Students have created projects such as the Youth Rise Magazine and Bee the Change. Programs such as the Brewed Idea Challenge and the Dorm Fund are also ways for student to get funding for their own ideas.




The Global Water Center 

Projects at the Global Water Center include wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, desalination, water law and policy, and public art. 




Theatre Arts: White Privilege

Student Malaina Moore wrote the play "White Privilege," which was added to the 2018-2019 Marquette theatre season. She was also awarded a Citizen Artist Award by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival National Selection, an award fro the KCACTF, and the Marquette Difference Maker Award. 


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