Student Playwright Honored

The photograph above was taken by Assistant Director and Marquette Theatre alumnus A. J. Magoon.

We are pleased to announce that Malaina Moore, a Marquette Theatre Arts student, was awarded a Citizen Artist Award by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival National Selection Team for her play WHITE PRIVILEGE.

Moore's play, which was directed by faculty member Debra Krajec, has received media attention and was selected to perform at the Kennedy Center of American College Theater Festival in January, 2019.

From Theatre and Performing Arts chair Stephen Hudson-Mairet:

The Award is the Citizen Artist Award – For insisting that Theatrical Production is Central to the Urgent Community, National and International Conversations on the Campuses of Higher Education.

I could not be prouder of Malaina, all of the students involved in every aspect of the production, and the faculty, alumni, staff and professionals that have supported the development of this play through their artistry and financial support. This award reflects and reinforces the mission of Marquette Theatre, the Phylis Ravel Social Justice fund, and Marquette University. Thanks to everyone who played an important role, and please join us on congratulating Malaina on her important achievement.