Students in our college have unique opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking to artistic development. Their coursework often serves as an initial introduction, which they then extend beyond the classroom. Through the O'Brien fellowship, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Student Media, the Student Agency, the Mic and other initiatives, students contribute to a cause, learn while doing and find their callings. Here, we are proud to showcase their work inside the classroom and beyond. Student work from strategic communication, communication studies and theatre arts is forthcoming.


Candidates for Wisconsin Senate RaceImage credit: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The stories in this Medium publication on the 2018 Wisconsin Senate Race were researched and written by student journalists in Marquette University Professor Dave Umhoefer’s Advanced Topics journalism course in the spring of 2018.

Journalism students also have the oppportunity to contribute to stories in the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and to specific projects as guided by professional journalists who are selected for the O'Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism. In recent years, 90% of students who complete work with an O'Brien fellow being careers as professional journalists within six months of graduation. Check out the O'Brien Fellowship website to learn more.

Audio and Podcasts

Students working on audio podcast for student mediaImage credit: Kat Schleicher

During the Fall 2018 semester, students started the Be Connected Podcast that features stories about alumni, current students and other happenings in the college (such as building renovations and what faculty are doing outside the classroom). All the story ideas, writing and editing is done by current students.

Additional student work in the realm of audio and podcasts is showcased on our audio and podcast webapge. Students featured here interviewed faculty members to complete course assignments and have produced their own award-winning shows.

 Digital Media

The “One Day in MKE” project is amongst the first projects completed in the Diederich College of Communication’s Sophomore level production class. The project is simple: use video cameras to capture well composed shots while learning manual exposure, focus, and other advanced camera settings. The “One Day in MKE” project is considered both a skill and portfolio building project.

The "Milwaukee Skeeball Documentary" (a.k.a. "Darn Good Balls") is a short documentary that tells the story of a tight knit group of Skeeball enthusiasts. This short documentary was shot in the Documentary Production course.