Students in our college have unique opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking to artistic development. Their coursework often serves as an initial introduction, which they then extend beyond the classroom. Through the O'Brien fellowship, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Student Mediathe MIC and other initiatives, students contribute to a cause, learn while doing, and find their callings. Here, we are proud to showcase their work inside the classroom and beyond. 

Examining America's "War on Drugs"

Fall 2021 class

Months of reporting by Marquette journalism students researching America’s “War on Drugs” turned into a series of groundbreaking news stories.

Guided by instructor Dave Umhoefer in the Journalism 4150 Investigative Reporting class,  students gathered and analyzed information on more than 400 police drug searches of residences in Milwaukee County. Their work on no-knock search warrants, on the geographic and racial patterns in drug searches, and the changing role of marijuana in drug enforcement was published on the Wisconsin Justice Initiative website. The Urban Milwaukee website reprinted the student work.

Tour Johnston Hall

As part of his internship with the Diederich College, Brandon Grandalski created this video taking you on a virtual tour of historic Johnston Hall.

Real-Time Production Class

Students' final projects were to create a one minute production using cameras, the college's virtual studio and the Unreal Engine. Live action characters were placed in the virtual environment to help students demonstrate their ability to world create with cinematic lighting, camera angles and action. This class was partially funded by an Epic Megagrant.