Students in our college have unique opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking to artistic development. Their coursework often serves as an initial introduction, which they then extend beyond the classroom. Through the O'Brien fellowship, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Student Media, the MIC and other initiatives, students contribute to a cause, learn while doing, and find their callings. Here, we are proud to showcase their work inside the classroom and beyond. 

Tour Johnston Hall

As part of his internship with the Diederich College, Brandon Grandalski created this video taking you on a virtual tour of historic Johnston Hall.

Real-Time Production Class

Students' final projects were to create a one minute production using cameras, the college's virtual studio and the Unreal Engine. Live action characters were placed in the virtual environment to help students demonstrate their ability to world create with cinematic lighting, camera angles and action. This class was partially funded by an Epic Megagrant.

Short film: Stand up girl

Winner for CAG's Women's Empowerment Breakfast 2019: "It's not about being the best editor and having the best shots, but telling a story others can connect with. This is my first homemade short film. A letter to society about what it is like to be a woman in this generation and wishing for equality, from just another girl who has the right to be heard."  

Filmed, written, directed, and edited by Michelle Gomez