New Courses in Philosophy

Check out the new courses in Philosophy, approved for this Fall 2020.

PHIL 3506 - Philosophy of Race
Explore the role race and race related ideas (such as proto-race, ethnicity, nationality and indigeneity) play in how we define a diverse society and how individuals identify themselves. Examine the meaning of race from various philosophical perspectives. Explore the nature of race, xenophobia, anti-blackness, islamophobia and anti-semitism. Understand the nature of race in order to challenge racism and racial injustice. CORE Area: HUM Individuals & Communities

PHIL 3507 - Global Justice
Issues of justice today are global in scope, yet our political institutions and theory focus on the state as the primary agency for ensuring justice. Focusing on five areas where questions of justice outstrip the resources of the nation-state students investigate these as problems of global justice. Explore the following areas: War and Violence, Human Rights, Development, and Global Institutions, Immigration and Refugees, Gender and Democracy and Communication. CORE Areas: Engage Social Systems & Values 2, HUM Crossing Boundaries

PHIL 3508 - Caribbean Philosophy
Examine the rich intellectual tradition of the Caribbean oriented around issues of colonization, decolonization, resistance, emancipation and identity. Study transnational ideas forged in and through the Caribbean, including its diaspora. Consider the meaning of the Caribbean as a geopolitical space, understand how identities forged in the Caribbean, social and political problems emerge as a result of colonialism and globalization. Encounter major figures and philosophical problems around ethics, metaphysics and epistemology. CORE Area: HUM Crossing Boundaries

Plus, here are recently approved courses for 2019-2020

PHIL 3501 - Philosophy of War and Peace
Examines historical and contemporary ethical debates about the justification of war, the conduct of war and the means of fighting wars. Topics include just war theory, pacifism, terrorism, humanitarian intervention, war crimes, the privatization of war and the ethical implications of new military technologies. CORE Area: HUM Basic Needs & Justice

PHIL 3502 - Narrating Freedom: Gender, Race and Mass Incarceration
Approaches some traditional philosophical questions in an experiential and interdisciplinary way and aims to bridge the gap between academic philosophy and everyday life. Through the lens of institutionalization and incarceration, explores questions regarding the nature of institutional oppression and different forms of freedom and resistance drawing from scholarly texts and from the social positions we live. The course partners with a Milwaukee community organization that supports currently or formerly incarcerated individuals and enrolls participants from the organization as students at MU. CORE Area: Engage Social Systems & Values 2

PHIL 3503 - The Ethics of Intimacy
The study of ethics explores the relationship between self and others. Critically explores the relationship between individuals and communities as they construct notions of intimacy on both the local and global level. Specifically investigates the assemblages of intimacy as it intersects with various social positionalities: race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, migration, religion and sexuality. Prereq: PHIL 1001 and Soph. stndg. CORE Area: HUM Individuals & Communities

PHIL 3504 - Ethics and the Function of Reason in Human Life
An investigation into the moral dimension of human life with special attention to how it pertains to other living beings, and the natural and human environments.

PHIL 3505 - Philosophy and Film
Explores the relationship between philosophical ideas and film, especially narrative film. Discusses various accounts of the nature of film, film genres and ways of interpreting films. Attends to the ways that narrative films are susceptible to philosophical reflection and, more controversially, the way that narrative films might exemplify a way of doing philosophy. CORE Area: Writing Intensive