Women in Philosophy

Three women in Marquette's Philosophy Department are not only teaching and doing research in their resepective fields but are also providing service to Marquette through three innovative and important programs on campus.

Cog SciCorinne Bloch-Mullins, Associate Professor of Philosophy
In addition to being Chair of the Philosophy Department and researcher on the study of concepts – the mental categories with which we carve up the world, and which enable us to integrate our experiences and generalize from them, Corinne Bloch-Mulllins is Director of the Cognitive Science Program which is the study of the mind – thought, learning and mental organization – through the integrated use of methods and concepts from various disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, biology, and anthropology. The Cognitive Science major launched in 2017 and enables students who aim to understand the mind to have an integrated learning experience combining courses in Philosophy, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Computer Science and English with an interdisciplinary capstone seminar.

stephanieStephanie Rivera Berruz, Associate Professor
In addition to her research in Latin American Philosophy and Latinx feminisms, Caribbean and Latin American Philosophy as well as the philosophy of race, gender and sexuality, Stephanie Rivera Berruz is Co-Director of the Center for Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies which promotes critical academic scholarship on the workings of racial/ethnic identity, the persistence of racism (and other forms of social oppression), and the enduring struggle of Native American and indigenous communities in light of centuries of domination and exclusion. REIS offers and sponsors an array of programming and events on campus and in Milwaukee. Recent topics include Palestine and Israel relations; maternal depression in pregnant women of Mexican decent; U.S. and Cuba relations; Brown Subject, Brown Glaze: a conversation on documentary practice. In addition, REIS provides support through financial grants to projects and events oriented around the expansion of the study of race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity and it also offers an extensive list of REIS informed undergraduate courses.

EPPTheresa Tobin, Associate Professor, Associate Professor
In addition to her research on gender, sexuality, religion and culture, Tobin is the Director of the Education Preparedness Program (EPP) at the Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach and is doing revolutionary work that offers educational and career-building services to current and formerly incarcerated individuals. The seeds of the Education Preparedness Program were sown in 2015 with one blended Philosophy course entitled Narrating freedom: Gender and Mass Incarceration that enrolled 12 Marquette undergraduates and 12 incarcerated students from the Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center, alternating locations between MWCC and Marquette campus. Now Marquette is offering eight blended courses through the Education Preparedness Program.