Requesting Transcripts Online

SPECIAL NOTE:  In person requests and pick-up orders for transcripts are now being processed.  However, you are strongly encouraged to submit an online request for PDF electronic delivery for your transcript orders to be processed in a timely manner.  If you need to order a transcript by mail or request paper delivery of your transcript, there could be delays in processing due to limited on-campus staffing.

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Current and former students can request transcripts online via the National Student Clearinghouse.  Payment is accepted by credit card.

There are several request options:

  • Paper mailed:  Marquette uses USPS and Federal Express (FedEx) to receive and send transcripts.
  • Paper held:  pick up at Marquette Central.
  • eTranscript:  available to the recipient for 30 days.  eTranscripts that are downloaded and saved have no expiration date.

Transcripts that are held for pickup at Marquette Central must be claimed within 1 month of request.  Transcripts not claimed within 1 month will be destroyed and a new request must be submitted.

Marquette accepts eTranscripts via a secure 3rd party method that has been verified by the sending university but does not accept or send transcripts via email or facsimile.

Students who need assistance with anything concerning transcripts should contact Marquette Central at 414-288-4000.

Current students

Request online transcript request on the main page of the Student Center of CheckMarq

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Step 1:  Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Grades and  Transcripts tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2:  Transcripts & Verifications

In the left navigation menu, click or tap Transcripts & Verifications.  The National Student Clearinghouse student Self-Service site will open a new window.  Be sure you have pop-ups allowed on your browser.


Step 3:  Order a Transcript

On the Student Self-Service Site, click or tap the Order a transcript link toward the bottom of the page.


Step 4:  Follow the prompts to complete your order.

Click or tap the Order Transcript(s) button on the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to complete your order.

You will receive email confirmations after your order is submitted and processed.  You will also receive an email notice if a financial hold exists on your record that prevents your transcript request from being processed.  Instructs and contact information will be included in the email so you can resolve the hold in a timely manner.

Holds must be cleared before your transcript will be sent.  Check for transcript holds before you submit your transcript request.  Learn more about transcript holds.

Log into CheckMarq to order your transcript.

Alumni and former students

Alumni and former students who no longer have access to CheckMarq must perform three steps to receive a transcript.

You must attach forms from other institutions or agencies (e.g. LSDAS or AMCAS forms) to any transcript request.

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Visit the National Student Clearinghouse site to request a transcript.

Navigate to the National Student Clearinghouse site.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to identify yourself and specify where you would like your transcript to be sent and how you would like it to get there.

Submit a paperless consent form

Your signature is required to release your transcript, the 'Sign Paperless Consent Form' option is offered to expedite your transcript request.

Transcript ordering dynamically generates an order specific paperless consent form.  You must sign the paperless consent form electronically, check the certification box and submit the form.


After completing the transcript request process, updates will be sent you you via email.  You will receive a notification when your order is being processed and when it has been sent.

Transcript hold

 An email notification will be sent if a financial hold exists on your record that prevents your transcript request from being processed.  Instructions and contact information will be included in the email so you can resolve the hold in a timely manner.  Holds must be cleared before your transcript will be sent.  Once the hold has been removed, you are responsible for contacting Marquette Central  or your transcript order will not be processed.

It is strongly recommended you check for transcript holds before you submit your transcript request.

Alumni and former students (prior to fall 1985)

Alumni and former students who attended Marquette University prior to fall 1985 can request transcripts by visiting the National Student Clearinghouse portal but the eTranscript service is not available.