Early College Credit Program (Formerly Youth Options)

Am I an Early College Credit Program applicant? A Early College Credit Program student seeks course work not available in his or her high school. Students earn college credit from Marquette while enrolled in high school. Only students attending a Wisconsin high school may pursue coursework through the Early College Credit Program. If you fit these criteria, continue reading the directions below and complete the Early College Credit Program application available near the bottom of this page.


Three weeks before enrollment semester

What’s next?

Your school counselor certifies your application for Early College Credit Program and submits it to Marquette with your high school transcript. Decisions will be sent in December for students interested in spring, and May for the fall semester.


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What is Wisconsin's Early College Credit Program?

For complete details about the program, visit Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities' website.

What classes can I take?

To see a listing of available classes, use the snapshot of the schedule of classes.

How many classes can I take?

Early College Credit Program students may enroll in a maximum of seven credits each term. The state of Wisconsin restricts the total number of Early College Credit Program credits to 18 credits in total.

What will be available?

Course listings for the coming term are generally available in mid March (for summer and fall semester classes) or early November (for spring semester classes). Students must meet prerequisites of any course.

Is there a GPA requirement to take classes as an Early College Credit Program student?

Students must have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher to enroll in the program.


Complete the non-degree application (below) to be eligible for the Early College Credit Program. A question on the non-degree application asks if the applicant is participating in the Early College Credit Program. MPS students should speak with their school counselor before applying for any additional requirements and/or applications. You must also submit this form to the district. Once all materials are received, application review will begin.

Terms of the program:

I certify that the information given on this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have no attended institutions other than those listed. I understand that I am responsible for the forwarding of transcripts from the schools I have attended and that such transcripts become the property of Marquette University and will not be returned. I understand that any falsification of my records may be cause for the university to void either my admission or registration or to take other appropriate action. I understand that some degrees, majors and/or courses may require me to submit to a criminal background check or drug testing. I further understand that the results of those checks and/or tests may affect my eligibility to continue in that degree, major and/or course. I hereby authorize the Office of the Registrar at Marquette University to provide a transcript of my academic record to the high school official name upon completion of my coursework or as otherwise might be required. Early College Credit Program participants may enroll in a maximum of 7 credits each term. The state of Wisconsin restricts the total number of Early College Credit Program credits to 18 credits in total.

Admission to the Early College Credit Program neither implies nor guarantees subsequent admission to Marquette University as a degree seeking student. All courses you take through the Early College Credit Program become part of your permanent academic record at Marquette University.

Ready? Begin your application.

The Early College Credit Program is for current Wisconsin high school students seeking dual enrollment at Marquette. Contact your school counselor for requirements outlined by your school district before using this application.

Application will be available October 15.