Academic Censure Process

Notable academic performance specifications that may result in academic censure

Graduate students are subject to the academic performance specifications detailed in the Graduate Bulletin (For a full list, consult the Graduate Bulletin).

  • Required Withdrawal for Academic Reasons (RWAR): Should a student not meet the GPA requirement specified in the Bulletin, the student is subject to a Required Withdrawal for Academic Reasons (RWAR) dismissal as described in the Bulletin. 
  • Required Withdrawal for Unsatisfactory Degree Progress (RWDP): Should a student not make substantial and visible progress toward the degree, the Graduate School will conduct a review of the student’s academic record in consultation with the student’s department.  This review may result in academic censure up to dismissal.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): A student not meeting Satisfactory Academic Department (SAP) specifications as specified in the Bulletin is no longer eligible for financial aid.

Academic Censure Procedures

Students subject to academic censure (RWAR, RWDP or SAP) by email sent to their Marquette email address following the Grading Deadline.

Students may appeal academic censure using the Academic Censure/Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal: Graduate School Form  following the procedures specified in the Bulletin and in accordance with the instructions provided in the dismissal letter.

Operative dates related to academic censure (including the Grading Deadline) are available on the Graduate School Academic Calendar.

See below for step by step guidance through your appeal. 


Guidance Through Your Appeal

Submitting an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement or return to financial aid eligibility. Presenting a compelling appeal is important. Please have your Academic Censure notification available for reference as you review the process. 

Complete the Appeal form. 

The appeal form  is headed with specific instructions for its submission.  After completing the form, print it and sign it to include in your appeal package.

Important! The Graduate School must receive the entire appeal package by email (from your Marquette email address), fax, mail or in person before the NOON deadline specified in your dismissal letter.  

Late appeals will not be accepted.

Submitting the Appeal

The Graduate School must receive the entire appeal package through one of the options listed below:

  • email (from your Marquette email address) at
  • fax at (414) 288-1902
  • in person at the Graduate School: Zilber Hall, Room 205

Completing the Form

Refer to each step in the form process for any questions. regarding your appeal. 

Contact the Graduate School at (414) 288-7137, if you have questions.

Overview and Section 1

  • As the instructions indicate, complete the information requested in sections 1 and 2, and 3.
  • Section 1 asks for basic information.
    • Name
    • MUID
    • Marquette email address
    • your degree program
    • phone number

Section 2

image of section 2 of form

  • It may be helpful to refer to your academic censure notification to complete Section 2.
  • First, indicate the type of academic censure you are appealing:
    • A Required Withdrawal for Academic Reasons (RWAR) is a dismissal for a cumulative GPA less than 3.0
    • A Required Withdrawal for Degree Progress (RWDP) is a dismissal for lack of sufficient progress toward degree completion triggered by a failing or unsatisfactory grade in a course, failing a significant degree component such as a comprehensive exam or similar event
    • Lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is ineligibility for financial aid when less than 75% of credits attempted are completed (SAPs may be appealed alone or concurrently with RWAR or RWDP dismissals)
    • Next, indicate the term in which the RWAR/RWDP/SAP occurred.

Section 3

image of section 3 of the censure appeal form

The items in Section 3 provide you an opportunity to make the case for your appeal.  This must be done on a separate document.

  1. “Explain the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from being academically successful…” Be specific about the circumstances that led to your current academic standing
  2. “Explain what has changed…” Detail how your circumstances have changed to increase the likelihood of your academic success. 
  3. “Explain the strategies you will utilize…Be specific about the strategies you will employ, resources you will use, support you will seek to improve your academic standing.
  4. “Propose an academic plan…Detail the courses you will take and the grades you will earn in each to return to good academic standing.  A GPA Calculation Spreadsheet is provided for your use in the appeal form instructions.

In this section, be clear and specific about the circumstances that influenced or contributed to your academic performance, how things have changed, the ways in which you will work to return to good academic standing, and your specific plan for doing so (including the courses you will take and the grades you will earn in those courses.

More information is better. Your appeal will be decided on the information you provide. The appeal is your opportunity to make your case for reinstatement and/or return to financial aid eligibility.

Be sure to include supporting details and documentation, and consider how to present your case in a clear and compelling way.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you meet with your advisor or Director of Graduate Study to develop an academic plan.

Be aware that you have already been dismissed and/or become ineligible for financial aid. Consider that the university has a responsibility to enroll students who can make appropriate progress toward and eventually earn a degree. Your appeal must compelling detail how, despite the circumstances that have led to your current dismissal or financial aid ineligibility, you can make progress toward and eventually earn a degree, and that you have a plan for doing so.

Section 4 and 5

Section 4

Be sure to sign and date the form.  Unsigned appeals will not be considered.

Section 5

Section 5 will be completed by your department and the Graduate School after you have submitted your appeal.

Step 5 of academic censure form