Academic Resources

Marquette University provides academic resources to support graduate student research, scholarship, and professional development. Expand the resources list below for more detailed information.


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CheckMarq or (Student Information System) – is your online portal to information regarding grades, course registration, transcripts, academic forms, tuition and financial aid, ordering textbooks online and more.  Login with username and password.

Your username and password is sent to you via US mail shortly after you apply.

If you do not have this information, contact the Information Technology Services (IT Services) helpdesk at 414-288-7799 via or

Further information about using CheckMarq can be found here.


D2L (Desire2Learn)

Marquette's e-Learning application Desire2Learn (D2L) is a Web-based tool which facilitates and supports online education. Each course at Marquette has its own D2L course site with facilities for interactive communication, secure submission of student assignments to faculty, and online quizzes.

Further information about using D2L can be found here.


Forms, Academic for Graduate Students

The Graduate School at Marquette University houses academic forms specific to graduate students. These include forms related to admission, registration, financial aid, credit, and degree.


Forms, Office of the Registrar

General academic forms can be found on Marquette University’s Office of the Registrar website. These include forms related to academic, registration, financial, and personal records.


The Graduate Bulletin contains information regarding the academic calendar, admissions, degree requirements, fees, regulations and course offerings. Prospective and current graduate students are responsible for all information contained in this bulletin that is pertinent to graduate study and their specific field.


Graduation Policies and Procedures

Graduation policies and procedures are posted by the Graduate School and Marquette University. Be sure to consult the Academic Calendar for a comprehensive listing of dates and deadlines. Below, you will find helpful information to guide you in the process of preparing to graduate.


Microsoft Teams

Students, faculty and staff use Microsoft Teams for online/live class sessions and meetings. Teams sites offer file sharing and threaded conversations that persist.

Further information about using Microsoft Teams can be found here.


Thesis and Dissertation Information

Guiding information for graduate students preparing to research, write, present and/or submit theses or dissertations can be found below:


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Center for Teaching and Learning
Raynor Memorial Library, Room 326 
(414) 288-0263 

The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes through faculty development and consultation a culture of pedagogical excellence at Marquette University. We have as our charge the support of faculty/instructors/graduate students how to instruct with an eye on inclusive and just practices, a focus on Ignatian pedagogy, and a culture of belonging. We offer workshops, faculty and graduate student retreats, communities of practice, book groups, 1:1 consultations, classroom observation, course design and assessment, integration of technology and beyond. All support is available for anyone teaching in the classroom and all information can be found on the CTL website. For more information, please contact


Digital Scholarship and Programs
Raynor Memorial Library 
(414) 288-7253 

Digital Scholarship and Programs in Raynor Memorial Libraries helps graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff use technology for their academic careers and research. Whether you are making your first website, creating a podcast, developing a digital humanities project, designing a conference poster, or want to display your data, Digital Scholarship and Programs has the tools and advice available to help you get your work out into the world.

Digital Scholarship and Programs also offer consultation and advice for everyone on using digital tools. You can see the tools we recommend and get access to our services here.


Raynor Memorial Libraries
(414) 288-7556 

Raynor Memorial Libraries offers a host of services, resources, and spaces to support graduate students. The library’s subject liaison librarians can help graduate students find hard-to-track-down materials and make more efficient use of research databases and citation tools. In addition to expansive print collection, the library provides access to over 400 research databases, 2.5 million e-books, and 63,000 journals. Online services include subject-based research guides and online research assistance via text, e-mail, and 24/7 chat. Librarians are also available to help explore digital scholarship tools, emerging publishing options, data management, and alternative impact metrics

In the library itself, graduate students have access to reservable research carrels and group study rooms. Raynor Library is also home to the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, whose unique holdings include J.R.R. Tolkien manuscripts, Dorothy Day’s papers, Marquette’s historical records and a sizeable rare-book collection. 

Graduate research assistants can obtain authorization to check out library materials and request interlibrary loans on behalf of their faculty. Librarians frequently partner with graduate teaching assistants to foster and develop the research skills of our students through instruction, online learning modules, and research consultations.  More information about how the library supports graduate assistants is available on the Graduate Student’s Guide to Libraries.


MIC Speaker's Lab
Johnston Hall 504 

The MIC Speaker’s Lab can help you in all aspects of presentation development from brainstorming ideas and organizing content to practicing effective delivery and creating visuals. In addition, trained student experts will serve as your coaches, teaching you breathing techniques, positive self-talk and visualization exercises to help you stay calm and centered during your speech. You can also receive feedback on your visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, handouts, charts, and visualizations.

Schedule an appointment to receive feedback or to practice your individual or group presentation.


Student Educational Services
Coughlin Hall, Room 125
(414) 288-4252

The Office of Student Educational Services offers academic coaching to graduate students. The coaching curriculum goes beyond offering a menu of study skills. The emphasis of the coaching curriculum is to focus on effective time management that establishes routines, builds willpower, lowers stress, and helps students retain their cognitive energy for academic work. While academic coaches can provide specific study skill training (i.e. reading comprehension, effective note-taking, etc.), the curriculum focuses more on learning theory and how the brain works. If you are interested in receiving academic coaching, please and identify yourself as a graduate student in your initial email. Upon receiving the email, Marquette's academic coaching staff will schedule a meeting with you.


SWELL Program
Raynor Memorial Library, Ott Memorial Writing Center, Room 240
(414) 288-5542 

The SWELL (Speaking and Writing for English Language Learners) Program in the Ott Memorial Writing Center offers support to multilingual members of the Marquette community. The program is designed to give each participant individual support with one of our trained tutors to help students improve their English communication skills with an option to focus on writing and/or speaking skills. Students meet with their tutor once a week for 30 minutes for a semester.

  • If you choose the “conversation partner” program, you’ll set some goals for your conversational skills: Do you want to practice casual conversation? Do you want to work on more formal spoken English? Do you want to watch clips of movies or tv shows and ask questions about pop culture references or current events? Whatever your goals, your SWELL partner will give you encouragement and corrective feedback along the way. Please note: If you would like to attend Conversation Partner meetings with a friend, that is entirely welcome.
  • In the “Written Grammar and Style” component, you will share 3 writing samples with your Partner. Together you will analyze those writing samples to identify 3-5 goals: those might be patterns of grammatical error or questions of style. Each week you will work on better understanding those issues of grammar and style and putting that understanding to use in revising your own prose.

If you are interested or have questions, email us at


Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center
Raynor Memorial Library, Room 240
(414) 288-5542 

The Ott Memorial Writing Center employs trained graduate and undergraduate tutors to work with graduate students at all stages of their academic work, from first-year masters students writing seminar papers to post-docs working on articles for publication. We work with writers at any stage of the writing process to understand new genres of writing, organize and explain complex material, incorporate and document sources effectively, develop conference posters and presentations, and prepare a manuscript for submission. We also work with grad students on the writing they often need to do related to teaching: writing assignments, letters of recommendation, and much more.
Because many graduate students benefit from more structure and encouragement as they work through a large project (like a dissertation or master’s thesis) we invite grad students to participate in the Writing Accountability Partners (or WrAP) Program. This program matches you with a tutor who will ask you to set goals for your semester, help you to break those goals into achievable practices and weekly commitments, and offer accountability on a weekly basis.

We offer appointments in person and online (via a Teams-like interface provided by the Ott’s WCOnline scheduling software). Visit us at or email us at for more details on the WrAP Program or any of our services.


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Graduate School Research Poster Competion

The Graduate School Research Poster Competion will showcase and celebrate the top contributions from both doctoral and master’s student research across campus. One doctoral and one master’s level posters can be submitted by each graduate program to represent the research of their units.


Three Minute Thesis Competition

Graduate students compete and present their research in three minutes or less using one slide and no animation.


External Professional Development

Marquette provides faculty, staff and students access to several professional development resources. Graduate students can access courses, tools, resources, and articles as well as attend virtual conferences and trainings with Marquette University’s institutional memberships.

Organizations include:

  • Academic Impressions
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
  • Imagine PhD
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity


Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
(414) 288-5841

Join the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) to gain leadership experience! The GSO serves as a channel for graduate students to voice concerns, resolve difficulties, and provide feedback on issues that directly affect graduate student life at Marquette University. Additionally, the GSO is dedicated to providing opportunities for community service and fostering social connections between graduate students. Contact GSO at or (414) 288-5841.