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Pere Marquette Joan of Arc CampusA graduate program should be more than a degree; it should be a reflection of what inspires and motivates you to meet challenges, seek out new insights and solutions, grow wisdom, and make the world a better place. At Marquette University Graduate School, you'll have the freedom to pursue your passions while gaining the foundational knowledge and the practical skills you need to immediately begin a fulfilling career in academia or in a field beyond the academy. As a student of the humanities, your natural intellectual curiosity will transfer to any field you choose. 


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Humanities graduate education is affordable at Marquette

An M.A. in the humanities from Marquette won’t just put you on the path to a fulfilling future — it will help you make that journey for a much smaller investment.  We believe in you — your potential, your drive, and your desire to Be The Difference — and we want to help fuel that passion by offering a 57% tuition reduction from our 2019 rates.  This means your M.A. in History, Philosophy, Theology or English will require just $500 per credit hour.  With this tuition change, Marquette makes a significant investment in you – the humanities scholars poised to change the world. So go ahead, invest in your passion. And we’ll invest in you. Other costs exist, see here. 


Master's and Doctoral Programs

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Theology Master's Program

Specialization in Christian Doctrine

Deepen your knowledge of the Christian Doctrine through this flexible, online program. Part-time learning options available.

Specialization, Online

English Master's Graduate Program

Master's in English

Pursue your particular interests in literary studies in a way that prepares you for an array of future plans, including admission to a doctoral program.

M.A., Accelerated Degree

Earn your PhD in English at Marquette University Graduate School

Ph.D. in English

Designed to prepare students to teach at the college level and conduct research in literature written in English.


History Master's Graduate Program

Master's in History

Choose to study three major areas including European History, United States History or Global Studies.

M.A., Accelerated Degree

PhD History

Ph.D. in History

Deepen your knowledge of the past and the processes in United States or European History that have shaped the human experience.


Philosophy Master's Programs

Master's in Philosophy

Develop strong data analytics skills that can be applied in a variety of fields. Full and part-time options available.

M.A., Accelerated Degree

Philosophy PhD

Ph.D. in Philosophy

Study diverse philosophical traditions to integrate the pursuit of enduring questions in the history of philosophy with contemporary problems and approaches.


Philosophy PhD Program at Marquette University

Ph.D. in Religious Studies

Make significant contributions to theological research and writing, and college and high school teachers who can teach a broad range of courses.



Master's in Theology

Choose from three specializations including Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, Historical Theology or Systematic Theology/Theological Ethics


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Center for the Advancement of the Humanities

Seeks to both enhance and promote the humanistic enterprise central to a Jesuit University. In highlighting the role of the humanities, our students are thereby encouraged to develop their moral imagination, learn essential leadership capacities, recognize the need for taking account of the entire complexity of the problems to which they put their minds, and realize that all things in the world need to be seen through the lens of ethical and social responsibility.

Trinity Fellows

Dedicated to developing urban leaders with a commitment to social and economic justice, fellows participate in a 21-month study/work program while earning a master’s degree in one of fourteen fields of study – including programs in the humanities. Intended for individuals who are committed to excellence, demonstrate leadership potential, care about the well-being of others, passionate about issues and meet academic and commitment to service requirements. 


Come for the education. Stay for the city. 

Marquette University is located in the City of Milwaukee WisconsinMarquette is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a beautiful city on the shore of Lake Michigan. Our restaurants, shopping and entertainment are comparable to larger metropolitan cities, just without the hustle and bustle. But if you need a change of scene, it's just 1.5 hours to Chicago and 1 hour to Madison. Getting around from sports venues to museums, public market, scenic parks and the beach is easy and you'll find our friendly, Midwestern vibe infectious. To learn more,