Fall/Spring Payment Plan

Monthly Payment Plan Option

Marquette offers a payment plan administered by Nelnet.  The Marquette Monthly Payment Plan (MMPP) allows students and their families to pay tuition, fees, university housing and/or food charges in five equal monthly installments for the current term of enrollment. Payments are due on the fifth of each month. The fall semester program begins August 5th and runs through December 5th. The spring semester program begins January 5th and runs through May 5th.  Families must re-enroll each semester.  There is a $35 semester enrollment fee, but there are no interest charges involved.

Please note: There is not an option to enroll in the payment plan for the summer term and the summer balance should not be included in your fall payment plan.



If you are having issues setting up the payment plan, please contact Nelnet at 800-609-8056 or Marquette Central at 414-288-4000.

We encourage you to enroll no later than August 3 for the Fall plan and January 3 for the Spring plan. You may sign up after that date, but you will be required to make up any payments that have passed. 

Please note: Review the Nelnet website for the sign-up deadlines.

Determining your plan amount

It is important to include all necessary information to determine your plan amount. Marquette Central recommends signing up for the plan after you receive your initial e-bill available through the student's CheckMarq account in mid-July for fall or mid-December for spring.  This bill will accurately determine your out-of-pocket amount due as long as you are registered for the appropriate number of credits and all financial aid steps have been completed. Please note that Nelnet representatives do not have access to your student’s Marquette Bursar account.

Past due balances should not be included in your payment plan.  Past due balances should be paid to Marquette directly.

To help determine your plan amount, you may also contact our office at (414) 288-4000 for assistance.

Please note: You will continue to receive monthly statements from our office even if you are on the payment plan.  You may use them to monitor any changes in the student's account balance and to monitor our receipt of your MMPP payments. Additional charges on a student's account will not result in an automatic contract adjustment. These charges are due to the school by the billing due date or you will need to increase your MMPP contract appropriately.


Frequently asked questions about the MMPP program

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I am logged into Nelnet, but am having issues.

Marquette no longer uses afford.com. The new website is mycollegepaymentplan.com/marquette-university/

I am a parent and set up a payment plan for myself

The Nelnet account is in the student's name and the parent should be added as an authorized payer.  Multiple parents can be set up as authorized payers.  

I am enrolled in the payment plan. Why am I receiving bills from your office?

You will continue to receive monthly statements from our office even if you are on the payment plan. You may use them to monitor any changes in the student's account balance and to monitor our receipt of your Nelnet payments. New charges on a student's account will not result in an automatic contract adjustment. You will need to contact Nelnet or Marquette Central to adjust the budget for the term.

Can I have Nelnet bill me each month instead of Automatic payment?

Automatic withdrawal payment is required for the payment plan. 

Can I change the payment withdrawal date to a date other than the 5th?

No, the payment withdrawal date cannot be changed. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be pulled the next business day.

It is after August 5th (Fall)/January 5th (Spring), but I would like to utilize MMPP. Am I still able to enroll?

Yes, you may still enroll. You will owe the $35 semester enrollment fee, plus any payments that have passed.

Please view the deadline to enroll on the Nelnet website.

I think I budgeted correctly, but how do I know for sure?

Please feel free to contact Marquette Central at any time during business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CT Monday-Friday) with your budgeting questions.

What if charges are added to my Bursar account after I’ve set up the payment plan?

Please contact our office directly at (414) 288-4000 to request that your contract be increased, or you can make the payment directly to Marquette. Students will be e-mailed about underbudget payment plans and a registration hold will be added to the student's account until the contract is resolved.

I think my original budget is too high because I received additional financial aid. Can I adjust my payments?

Yes, you may certainly adjust your payments. Please contact our office directly at (414) 288-4000 to request that your contract be reduced. Your contract will be adjusted and the new amount will be reflected in next month's Nelnet bill. (For example, if you have already received the February bill, you still owe the amount due on that bill. Your contract will then be adjusted for the remaining 3 months.)

What methods of payment are available?

Payments options include ACH or credit card (an additional fee will be assessed).

Can I reactivate my terminated contract?

You cannot reactivate your terminated contract. You will need to enroll in another plan and pay the $35 enrollment fee again.

I have not yet received my financial aid package. How do I prepare a budget?

You will need to budget without your financial aid. When you do receive notification of your aid package, you may decrease your contract to reflect the amount of your aid.

Where can I find the room and board rates?

Room and board rates can be found on the Marquette Central Website. You may also contact the Office of Residence Life at (414) 288-7208 for residence hall and food plan rates. The University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services office will be help you determine the apartment rates. Their office can be contacted at (414) 288-7281.

Can I sign up for a payment plan for the summer?

There are no payment plans available for the summer. Payment is due in full by the published due date.

Is there a way to set up a payment plan while I am in your office?

Students and parents can't sign up for the MMPP in our office. You can enroll online or by phone at (800) 609-8056.

I am having issues with my account through Nelnet, who can help?

Please visit Nelnets FAQ page Customer Service (campuscommerce.com) or contact them by phone 1-800-609-8056.

My parent signed up for a payment plan, but I requested financial aid for living expenses.  When will I get my financial aid refund?

It is Marquette policy that a refund will not be processed until the balance is paid in full. Since the payment plan pays down your balance, the account is not considered paid in full until the last payment posts to the account.

If you requested financial aid, your financial will apply to the balance before any refund would be processed.