Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships

Richard W. Jobling Distinguished Research Assistantship

The Richard W. Jobling Distinguished Research Assistantship is made possible through a generous donation to Marquette University in support of graduate students in the sciences. Students enrolled in, or admitted to Ph.D. programs for NSF-defined STEM disciplines will be eligible.

The purpose of this program is to encourage and support research activity by Ph.D. students in the fields of science or engineering. Recipients can be new or current students at Marquette University. Awardees must use the time provided by the award to conduct research relevant to their specific interests under the supervision of their research mentor or other qualified faculty member.

Amounts: A two-year $20,000 stipend and full tuition scholarship.

Eligible Programs: Biological sciences; biomedical engineering; chemistry; civil engineering; clinical psychology; clinical and translational rehabilitation health science; computational sciences; electrical and computer engineering; mechanical engineering, neuroscience and nursing.

Rev. John P. Raynor, S.J. Fellowship

The Rev. John P. Raynor, S.J. Fellowships are funded by an endowment from members of the President’s Council. As a fitting tribute to Fr. Raynor, the donors specified that the fellowships foster excellent scholarships for graduate students.

Two fellowships are available to doctoral students. Doctoral fellowships include stipends approximate to $22,000 and tuition scholarships that pay for continuous enrollment charges.

Master’s fellowships are awarded as stipend supplements to departmental graduate assistantships (approximately $4,000).

Arthur J. Schmitt Leadership Fellows Program

Arthur J. Schmitt was an industrial executive who expressed his commitment to education, and the development of responsible leadership through Christian principles and ideals. He founded the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation in 1941, dedicating its resources toward fashioning a better and more humane world.

The Arthur J. Schmitt Leadership Fellowships are available to students in doctoral programs. Each fellowship carries a ten-month stipend of approximately $18,500. The fellowship includes a scholarship that pays for continuous enrollment fees.

Cyril E. Smith Trust Smith Family Fellowship

Applications for Smith Fellowships are not being accepted for 2019-20 at this time.

Cyril E. Smith (1900-1969) was a lifelong educator who came to Marquette University in 1934. In 1974, Dr. Smith honored Marquette graduate students in history and the humanities with the wonderful gift of a unique scholarship trust.

Given in the memory of Cyril, his sister Virginia, and their parents, the Smith Family Fellowship provides a stipend of approximately $18,000 and travel support up to $4,000 to doctoral-level graduate students in the humanities (English, history, philosophy, religious studies).

Graduate School Dean's Research Enhancement Award

(formerly the Graduate School Summer Fellowship)

  • 2019 Guidelines
  • Nomination process - Refer to Guidelines above for application information.

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