Graduate Assistantships

Type of Assistantships

Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistants are appointed for the primary purpose of assisting in classroom or laboratory instruction or in the conduct of research. Graduate assistants are included in this category when differentiating between primarily instruction and primarily research duties is difficult.

Graduate Teaching

Graduate teaching assistants may serve as instructors of record, or assist faculty in teaching courses including functioning as discussion/laboratory section leaders or in providing other appropriate professional assistance including grading examinations, problem sets, and/or lab assignments, setting up displays for lectures and laboratory sections, and preparing or maintaining equipment used in laboratory sections.

Graduate Research

Graduate research assistants are graduate students conducting academically significant research under the direction of a faculty member. Graduate research assistantships are awarded by departments with faculty members engaged in research projects.

Graduate Service

Graduate service assistants meet the definition of a graduate assistant except students are not appointed for the primary purpose of assisting in classroom or laboratory instruction or in the conduct of research. Graduate service assistant positions are awarded for the primary purpose of gaining experience, practice, or guidance that is significantly connected to the students' fields of study and career preparation. Graduate service assistants typically serve the university outside of an academic department and may provide service to off-campus organizations affiliated with the university. Trinity Fellows are included in this classification.


Assistantships offer full stipends, up to 18 credits of tuition scholarship.

Requirements and restrictions

Students must be admitted to degree programs by the date of the application deadline, and be registered full-time during their award terms. Assistants work approximately 20 hours per week while school is in session. Additional outside employment is not allowed.

Complete rules and guidelines for graduate assistants

Eligible programs

Many master's and doctoral programs offer assistantships.


Application process and deadlines

New applicants for Graduate School admission should apply online by the appropriate deadline.

Admitted students should apply online by February 15 for fall, or November 15 for spring.

Current Assistantship Rules and Guidelines

If you’ve been awarded an assistantship, get more information including responding to your offer as well as rules and guidelines. All graduate students with assistantships are required to review and know the policies and procedures outlined in the Assistantship Handbook.