Recommended Course Information

Primary course information

  • Course prefix, catalog number, and title
  • Number of credits
  • Term and year
  • Class meeting days, times, and classroom location
  • Instructor's name, phone number, and email address
  • Office location and office hours
  • Availability by email, phone, and/or in person

Course description

Course objectives

  • Learning objectives, goals, and/or outcomes for the course
  • Cross-listed courses must include learning objectives and that clearly describe and distinguish the expectations of undergraduate and graduate students
    • May be overlapping and/or represent different levels of engagement with the same content
    • Must be communicated explicitly for undergraduate and graduate students

Required resources

  • Books
  • Lab manuals
  • Technology
  • Supplies
  • Any other materials or resources required or recommended for students to complete the course

Course schedule

  • Tentative course outline
  • Topical focus for class meetings
  • Dates of field trips or guest speakers
  • Dates for examinations
  • Due dates for assignments, papers, projects, and presentations

Evaluation procedures and grading criteria

  • A description of how students' work will be evaluated
  • Weight of assignments
  • How course grades are determined
  • Late submission policy
  • Exam make-up policy

Policy statements

Faculty may choose to include policy statements in their syllabi. If so, these policy statements must be included verbatim from the Official Policy Language page.  Alternatively, faculty may choose to include the link to the Required Policy States pages in their syllabi