Payroll and Employment Documents

Each new graduate assistant must complete the following documents before he or she is allowed to work or receive their stipends:

I-9 employment eligibility verification form

Federal law requires verification of employment eligibility for all employees. Therefore, before they start working, assistants must submit a completed I-9 employment eligibility verification form to the Graduate School if they haven't already done so (complete section 1 only). Further, they are required to present specific documentation, in person, to the Graduate School. Refer to the reverse side of the I-9 form (attached to new assistantship offers) for a listing of acceptable documentation. In addition to submitting a completed I-9 form, international (visa) students must submit a letter of employment eligibility from Marquette's Office of International Education. International students may not start working until both documents are on file in the Graduate School.

W-4 form employee's withholding allowance certificate

The form is available in the Graduate School, department offices and from the department of Human Resources. If a W-4 form is not on file for a student, it will be assumed he/she is single and has no dependents. When completing the W-4 form, the general rule is that the more allowances one claims on line 5, the less taxes will be withheld from the check.

International (visa) students only:

Marquette University alien information request form

This payroll form must be completed once each calendar year. It is available from the students' departments or from the payroll office.

Marquette University payroll department U.S. income tax exemption treaty affidavit

If the student's home country maintains a tax treaty with the United States this payroll form must be completed once each calendar year. The form is available from the payroll office.

8233 form, exemption from withholding on compensation for independent personal services of a nonresident alien individual

Nonresident aliens must complete this form once each calendar year. The form is available from the payroll office.


Additional employment information for Graduate Research and Teaching Assistants.