ProQuest/UMI Non-Distribution

As your publisher, ProQuest offers your dissertation for sale and pays you royalties in any year in which your 10% accrues to $10.00 or more. If you did not restrict distribution of your dissertation when you signed your author agreement, we assume that you want the broadest possible distribution of your work. If you are no longer comfortable making your work broadly available, ProQuest can restrict sales of your work per your instruction. Please contact the ProQuest author relations team at or (800) 521-0600, ext. 7020 if that is your wish, or if you have any further questions about the or Google Scholar portals to dissertations and theses.

You may also limit distribution at the time of graduation; simply provide a completed ProQuest/UMI Non-Distribution Memo with your Publishing Agreement Form. To re-authorize ProQuest / UMI to distribute copies of your thesis or dissertation, you may send an email request to to make arrangements for this. You will need to cite your name, document title and ProQuest publication number along with your request.