Marquette University is committed to preparing our students to become exemplary leaders in their chosen academic and professional fields by preparing them for careers in which they find purpose and value by engaging in Ignatian pedagogical reflection and practice. The purpose of the career skills requirement is to ensure all doctoral students have the opportunity to reflect on their desired career and to acquire essential career-related skills needed for them to pursue their chosen path.

Students enrolled in Ph.D. programs in Fall 2024 and beyond at Marquette must complete three career skills requirements. Requirements are satisfied by one or more of approved courses, workshops, or practical experiences in each category, as approved by the Graduate School. Completion of each skill will be noted on the student’s transcript.

Career Discernment

Students will be able to identify and prepare for career pathways that are consistent with their values.


  1. Understand realities of academic job market for your discipline, creating space for career imagination and understand potential career paths.
  2. Exploration of, and defining student’s own identity/experiences/values/strengths/gifts and how the career pathway fits with those values.
  3. Students will learn to identify and attain the skills and experiences necessary to obtain the career pathway they desire.


Communication Skill

Students will be able to communicate their ideas and scholarship effectively to audiences beyond those in their discipline.

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  1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate (e.g., research, expertise, experiences) effectively and ethically with disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and nonacademic audiences.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and ethically within various contexts, formats, and media.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to effectively deliver a presentation and facilitate discussion.


Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students will understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how issues of DEI are relevant to their career pathways.


  1. Students will be aware of and able to identify how explicit and implicit bias impacts work life and will understand possible strategies to address this bias 
  2. Students will be able to articulate the value of universal design principles and their ethical application to their area of study.
  3. Students will be able to work and interact effectively with persons from diverse backgrounds with varied values, ideas, and opinions.


Ph.D. Career Skills by Program

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The Graduate School offers formal courses, workshops or practical experiences associated with each skill. Academic departments may also offer formal courses, workshops or practical experiences that satisfy one or more of the requirements. All departmental offerings must be pre-approved by the Graduate School. Any student completing activities offered and approved by the Graduate School will meet the relevant career skill requirement associated with that activity.

Students must register for the course in the semester they will complete the course. Course offerings will be posted in Checkmarq each semester.


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How and when do I register?

Students register via Checkmarq. Students will need to register for the course in the semester they plan to complete the course or complete the last requirement of the approved exercise.

Who is required to complete the career skills requirements?

All students who begin a Ph.D. program in Fall 2024 and beyond. 

Do the career skills requirements need to be complete in order to graduate?

Yes, all students who begin a Ph.D. program in Fall 2024 are required to complete the skills requirement as part of their academic program.

Can I enroll in a career skills course outside my program?

Yes, all GRAD offerings (8097, 8098, 8099) are approved to satisfy the career skills requirements. Other approved courses outside your program of study may be used if the student has received prior approval from the department offering the course, approval from the student’s home department, and approval has been recorded by the Graduate School. 

Can a previous experience satisfy a career skills course if the content is applicable?

No, all courses must appear on the pre-approved list of career skills course offerings.

How many credits is a career skills course?

Career skills courses may be offered as zero credits or as part of a credit bearing course.

Who do I contact if my completed career skills course is not showing up in my academic records?

Please contact your faculty adviser.

Will the career skills courses appear on my transcript?

Yes. Completed career skills courses will be noted on the transcript.

Will career skills courses impact my GPA?

Zero-credit career skills courses will not impact a student’s GPA. If the career skills course is embedded in a credit bearing course, this may impact GPA.

Will career skills courses add additional financial costs to my academic program?

Students will not incur additional costs beyond the standard program requirements.