Criminology and Law Studies Degree Requirements

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Criminology and Law Studies Major

Criminology and law studies major consists of 36 credit hours including 5 required courses:

  • CRLS 1001: Introduction to Criminology
  • CRLS 2001: Introduction to Law Studies
  • SOCI 2060: Social Statistics
  • CRLS 3050: Methods of Criminological Research or SOCI 3050: Methods of Social Research
  • CRLS 4997: Capstone Seminar or CRLS 3986: Internship


Students also need to take seven electives (21 credits) across 4 groupings of courses:

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Response to Crime (9 credits)

CRLS 2300.  Police & Society

CRLS 2350.  Police Organization and Administration

CRLS 2400.  Carceral Systems

CRLS 2800.  Criminal Investigation

CRLS 3120.  Comparative Justice Systems

CRLS 3130.  Women, Crime and Criminal Justice

CRLS 3700.  Evidence

CRLS 4100.  Death Penalty in Sociolegal Context

CRLS 4180.  Empathy, Crime and Justice

CRLS 4299.  Topics in Response to Crime

CRLS 4300.  Transformative Justice

CRLS 4360.  Crime Mapping

CRLS 4400.  Criminal Law and Procedure

MSLC 2050.  Forensic Science

SOWJ 2300.  Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

SOWJ 3700.  Social Welfare and the Law

ANTH 4320.  Culture, Law and Violence

Crime and Criminal Behavior (6 credits)

CRLS 2100.  Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

CRLS 2110.  Media and Violence

CRLS 2200.  White Collar Crime

CRLS 3600.  Victimology

CRLS 3140.  Race, Crime and Punishment

CRLS 3620.  Criminal Violence in America

CRLS 3640.  Domestic Violence in the US

CRLS 3660.  Sex Offenses and Offenders

CRLS 3680.  Family Violence and Public Intervention

CRLS 4000.  Criminological Theory

CRLS 4350.  Neighborhoods and Crime

CRLS 4499.  Topics in Crime and Criminal Behavior

HIST/PHIL 3751.  History and Philosophy of Crime and Punishment

SOCI 4600.  The Social Reality of Crime and Justice

Policy & Practice (3 credits)

CRLS 3150.  Reentry and Life after Incarceration

CRLS 3170.  Policy and Practice for Children Impacted by Incarceration

CRLS 3570.  Drug Crime and Policy in America

CRLS 4599.  Topics in Policy & Practice

CRLS 4700.  Ethics in Criminal Justice

SOCI 3700.  Social Movements, Protest and Change

SOCI 4660.  Law and Society

SOWJ 1001.  Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice

SOWJ 2600.  Community Organizing

SOWJ 3320.  Victims Services and Policies

SOWJ 3400.  Advocacy and Social Change: Theory and Practice

SOWJ 4700.  Global Aid and Humanitarianism

Sociocultural Context (3 credits)

CRLS 4199.  Topics in Sociocultural Context

ANTH 3300.  Gender and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

SOCI 2200.  The Family

SOCI 3200.  Social Problems in Urban Society

SOCI 3250.  Race and Racism

SOCI 4250.  African-American Social Thought

SOCI 4400.  Social Inequality

SOCI 4440.  Sociology of Education

SOCI 4450.  Sociology of Sex and Gender

SOCI 4730.  Capitalism Socialism, and Emancipation


  • A total of two non-CRLS courses will be allowed to count toward the major; these courses do not include SOCI 2060 or SOCI 3050.
  • Five of the seven electives must be upper-division.

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