2017–18 tuition and estimated costs

Annual tuition for full-time dental student
(12 or more credits per term)

Wisconsin residents


Non-Wisconsin residents







Other tuition costs


Extension of senior clinical instructions

$1,300 per week
(or fraction thereof)

Extension of clinical instructions of graduate dentists

$1,300 per week
(or fraction thereof)

Estimated personal expenses


Housing and board*




* Subject to change  

- The state of Wisconsin provides a tuition subsidy for certain dental students who are Wisconsin state residents. As with any governmental appropriation, the exact amount is subject to change as part of the legislative process. The expected state subsidy for 2017–18 is $4,330 per term per Wisconsin resident but is subject to change at any time. Students will be billed for any reduction in the expected state subsidy and credited for any increase. See Residency Requirements for more information.

- An initial tuition deposit of $1,000, which will be applied to the first-term tuition, must be made by all first-year students. See the Admissions Section for more details.


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