Dr. Kathy Roth, Dent ’74 "Our dental school has educated student for the past 10 years in a state-of-the-art facility, and the quality of our graduates reflects an outstanding education. The time has arrived to expand and improve the school in ways that were not possible with the initial building project. We who are in the profession — those in the dental industry, practicing dentists and our alumni now retired — are called upon to help make this expansion a reality. I encourage you to look at the exciting design and building plans for this dynamic building project and become involved now."

Dr. Kathy Roth, Dent '74

Beth Moos, PT '79, and Dr. Jeff Moos, Dent '83“I take pride in being a Marquette dentist. It brings a level of recognition and respect that I want future graduates to enjoy as well. My wife and I encourage other dental alumni to reflect on their success and how Marquette has contributed to it, challenging them to imagine what their financial commitment and leadership — as a Marquette dentist — can accomplish. To that end, we invite all alumni to join us in supporting the school’s expansion.”

Beth Moos, PT ’79, and Dr. Jeff Moos, Dent ’83

Dentistry School signage

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Invest in a great dental school — Wisconsin’s dental school — and in the future of dentistry at Marquette. 

Walk with us as we take bold steps to remain at the forefront of oral health in Wisconsin and the nation with our strategic 40,000-square-foot expansion of the existing 120,000-square-foot dental facility.