Non-Academic Grievance

MUSoD maintains a zero-tolerance policy for infringements to the university’s Standards of Conduct. MUSoD students, faculty, or staff who would like to file a time-sensitive grievance may submit a claim online at the link below. Grievances may be filed anonymously; however, submitting anonymously may limit MUSoD’s ability to thoroughly investigate and respond to the claim.

Non-Academic Grievance Form

Note that this grievance form is intended for non-academic conduct violations only. It is not intended for academic grievances, broad complaints, or issues that are unrelated to Marquette University School of Dentistry. Students who would like to file an academic grievance must follow the process outlined in the Marquette University School of Dentistry Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures for Students document.

Grounds for a Nonacademic Grievance

Any MUSoD student, faculty, or staff may file a nonacademic grievance if they believe that one of the Standards of Conduct has been violated. These infringements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Instances of illegal activity.
  • Claims of bias, discrimination, retaliation, or harassment. These claims may be referred to Marquette University if warranted. For example, nontrivial grievances (such as Title IX sexual  misconduct claims) must be reported to and tracked by Marquette University.
  • Physical and/or verbal abuse.
  • Situations that jeopardize the physical safety of any student, faculty, or staff member.
  • Other instances of inappropriate conduct of behavior.

Nonacademic Grievance Procedure

  1. To initiate the process, complainants and/or observers should complete the online form found at the link above. A unique tracking number is generated for each submission.
  2. Advocates (Dr. Jennifer Talley, Director of Educational Development and Assessment, and/or Dr. David Mapes, Director of the Advanced Care Clinic) are alerted immediately upon submission of the form.
  3. The grievance is investigated as soon as possible, but not later than thirty (30) days after the form is submitted.
  4. The advocate(s) reviews the claim and forwards information to the relevant parties. Grievances involving patient care are reported to Clinical Services; grievances involving sexual misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment are reported to the Office of Student Development and/or the Title IX Coordinator, as appropriate; other grievances are investigated and mediated by the advocate in collaboration with relevant parties. In the case that a grievance cannot be resolved, it is referred to the Dean of Marquette University School of Dentistry for a final determination.
  5. Complainants and/or observers will receive a written response to the grievance within thirty (30) of the investigation.
  6. All claims are reported to and tracked on the Marquette University Student Complaints SharePoint.
  7. To retain transparency, the MUSoD community will be updated periodically with the number of grievances resolved through the School’s nonacademic grievance process.

Nonacademic Grievance Reporting Process

Marquette University Resources

Any student, faculty, or staff who wishes to initiate a formal complaint with Marquette University rather than with the Marquette University School of Dentistry may do so according to the policy posted by the Office of Student Development. Formal grievances filed with the University are not anonymous. 

  • University claims involving bias may be filed here.
    • For more information regarding bias reporting, see here.
  • University claims involving Title IX (sexual misconduct) may be reported by using the following form.
    • For more information regarding Title IX, see here.