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The university is pleased to offer its facilities and event planning services to all Marquette-recognized student organizations. A program qualifies as a student organization event when the space is reserved by a member of that organization and the group is actively involved in the planning process. Student functions not sponsored by a student organization are subject to off-campus rates and guidelines.


Updated Marquette University Facility Usage and Fee Structure


In an effort to eliminate fees to MU community meetings and events, effective July 1, 2016, the Alumni Memorial Union in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, Provost, and Budget Offices have established a pricing structure for University Hosted Events and Non-University Group Events. Beginning July 1, 2016, university departments and registered & approved student organizations will no longer be charged for use of meeting/event space(s), AV and Non-AV equipment or labor when criteria as defined in the Guidelines for Determining MU Facility Usage are met.



1) How to reserve space for an on-campus event

*Please note — All reservations are tentative until an email reservation from AMU Event Services has been sent. Please do not publicize your event until you have received a confirmation.

2) Next steps

Once space is reserved, student organizations must have their event registered with the Office of Student Development. Please submit your registration request on Marquee Events and Engagement

3) Policies and procedures

Please follow the event planning policies and procedures found in the student handbook.


To ensure availability, please plan ahead. Student organizations are able to book space one calendar year from the current date.

Please follow these guidelines:



Please contact your event coordinator to make arrangements.

AMU capacities

Academic space

Helpful forms and guidelines PDF


Contact AMU Event Services

AMU Event Services
1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Alumni Memorial Union, 245
Milwaukee, Wis. 53233
Phone: (414) 288-7202