GSO Student Representatives

GSO Council Representatives

Representatives for the GSO Council are volunteered/nominated by their respective department or program to serve as a representative to the GSO. They attend bi-semester GSO Council meetings and assist the Chair in communicating with students in their respective program/department. GSO Council members also present the GSO with ideas or issues that are important to the students within their discipline. If your department does not have a department representative and you would like to volunteer, please email Feel free to contact your department representatives with ideas or issues that you would like to see the GSO work on!

Blood Center of Wisconsin  

  • Transfusion Medicine: representative needed 

College of Arts & Sciences

Biological Sciences Department

  • Biological Sciences: Sean Conway
  • Neuroscience: Sean Conway
  • Chemistry: Anne Fischer
  • English: John Brick, Catherine Simmerer
  • Foreign Languages and Literature: representative needed
  • History: Sam Harshner

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department

  • Applied Statistics: representative needed
  • Bioinformatics: representative needed
  • Computational Sciences: Brian Bergner
  • Computing: Kevin Meach
  • Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers: representative needed

Philosophy Department 

  • Philosophy: Daniel Adsett, Benny Mattis

Political Science Department

  • International Affairs: representative needed
  • Political Science: representative needed
  • Public Service Administration: Erin Wissler

Psychology Department

  • Clinical Psychology: David Marra, Alana McVey
  • Theology: Jodie Scordo

College of Communications

  • Communications: Darvelle Hutchins

College of Education

Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

  • Counselor Education: Ryan Warner
  • Counseling Psychology: Ryan Warner

Educational Policy and Leadership Department

  • Educational Administration: representative needed
  • Educational Policy and Foundations: representative needed
  • Student Affairs in Higher Education: Jorge Zuniga

College of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Department

  • Biomedical EngineeringOlesya Motovylyak
  • Healthcare Technologies Management: representative needed
  • Civil, Construction, and Environmental EngineeringYiran Tong, Joe Heffron
  • Electrical and Computer EngineeringMohammed Saber
  • Mechanical Engineering: Jeff Lajeunesse

College of Health Sciences

Physical Therapy Department

  • Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Sciences: Brice Cleland
  • Physical Therapy: Allison Budreck, Kenneth Banting, Patrizia Rin

Physician's Assistant Studies

  • Physician's Assistant: Katelyn Willfahrt, Mariah Marino

Speech Pathology and Audiology Department

  • Speech-Language Pathology: Carley Serena, Andrea Ohnemus

College of Nursing

  • Nursing: Caitlyn Bastable, Kellie Greenwood, Austin Rondou

Graduate School

  • Interdisciplinaryrepresentative needed

Graduate School of Management

  • Accounting: representative needed
  • Applied Economics: representative needed
  • Corporate Communication: Alexis Laverdiere
  • Executive MBA: representative needed
  • Human Resources: representative needed
  • Joint/Interdisciplinary: representative needed
  • Leadership: representative needed
  • MBA: Francesca Wegner
  • STEM-MBA: representative needed

Law School

  • Law: Jillian Lukens

School of Dentistry

  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry: representative needed
  • Dental Biomaterials: representative needed
  • Endodontics: representative needed
  • Orthodontics: Nicolas Branshaw
  • Periodontics: representative needed
  • Prosthodontics: representative needed