Facts about GSO

  • The GSO emerged in 2004 from the efforts of concerned graduate students. Read more about the GSO history.
  • The GSO is comprised of one adviser, an executive officer board, and general members.
  • One adviser is a staff member of the Graduate School, who provides guidance on predominantly administrative issues as well as serves as a liaison to other Marquette administrators. The other adviser to the GSO is a faculty member, who provides guidance and direction from the viewpoint of the faculty of the University. Meet the GSO advisers.
  • The officer board consists of several positions. Learn more about the positions and to meet your current officers.
  • The general members of the GSO are all graduate students because they are considered voting members.
  • View the GSO Constitution.

The GSO represents all aspects of the Marquette graduate student community including:

  • Serving as a liaison between the graduate community and the university administration
  • Providing an outlet for students' concerns to be acknowledged and addressed
  • Advocating for improvements in graduate student life
  • Promoting opportunities for growth & unity across all graduate departments and disciplines

Current GSO initiatives include working toward improving the quality & cost of health care available to graduate students, exploring cost-effective transportation options, and enhancing communication outlets amongst graduate student.

Meetings are held monthly and all graduate students are welcome & encouraged to attend to express their ideas & concerns, vote on important issues, and help make innovative changes to improve graduate student life.

Why Join?

  • Membership is free. All graduate students are considered GSO members by virtue of being enrolled in graduate & professional level courses.
  • You can be a student leader. The GSO provides a number of opportunities for students to develop, refine, and demonstrate their leadership skills by becoming involved in different ways that may include sitting on a university faculty/administration committee, participating in orientation events, or becoming an elected GSO officer.
  • You can be the difference. The GSO provides an outlet for students to be instrumental in making innovative changes & improvements to graduate student life.
  • Represent Marquette. The GSO provides students a way to exemplify Marquette's mission of social justice & advocacy.
  • Expand your peer group. The GSO is the only organization on campus that represents the entire graduate student community allowing you to meet students across disciplines through its monthly meetings and social events.
  • Be the first to get current updates. A primary function of the GSO meetings is to share important university updates that may affect graduate student life allowing you to immediately present your questions and concerns.