Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Corinne  Bloch-Mullins Dr. Corinne Bloch-Mullins Chair and Associate Professor, Philosophy
corinne.bloch-mullins@mu.edu (414) 288-7236
Dr. Noel  Adams Dr. Noel Adams Associate Professor, Philosophy
noel.adams@marquette.edu (414) 288-6948
Dr. Peter  Burgess Dr. Peter Burgess Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
peter.burgess@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
Dr. Abram  Capone Dr. Abram Capone Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dr. Yoon H. Choi Dr. Yoon H. Choi Associate Professor, Philosophy
yoon.choi@marquette.edu (414) 288-5952
Dr. Daniel  Collette Dr. Daniel Collette Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
daniel.collette@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
 Maria  Cooper Maria Cooper Department Manager, Philosophy
maria.cooper@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
Dr. Scarlett  Fritz Dr. Scarlett Fritz Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
dana.fritz@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
Dr. Owen  Goldin Dr. Owen Goldin Professor, Philosophy
owen.goldin@marquette.edu (414) 288-5949
Dr. Javier  Ibáñez-Noé Dr. Javier Ibáñez-Noé Associate Professor, Philosophy
javier.ibaneznoe@marquette.edu (414) 288-5972
Dr. Vincent  Jacobson Dr. Vincent Jacobson Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dr. Claire  Lockard Dr. Claire Lockard Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dr. Michael  Olson Dr. Michael Olson Teaching Associate Professor, Philosophy
michael.olson@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
Dr. Anthony  Peressini Dr. Anthony Peressini Professor , Philosophy
anthony.peressini@marquette.edu (414) 288-5683
Dr. Javiera  Perez Gomez Dr. Javiera Perez Gomez Assistant Professor, Philosophy
javiera.perezgomez@marquette.edu (414) 288-6084
Dr. Stephanie  Rivera Berruz Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz Associate Professor, Philosophy
stephanie.riveraberruz@marquette.edu (414) 288-7298
Dr. Grant  Silva Dr. Grant Silva Associate Professor, Philosophy
Dr. James B. South Dr. James B. South Professor, Philosophy
james.south@marquette.edu (414) 288-6857
Dr. Daniel  Swaim Dr. Daniel Swaim Teaching Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dr. Richard C. Taylor Dr. Richard C. Taylor Professor, Philosophy
richard.taylor@marquette.edu (414) 288-5649
Dr. Theresa W. Tobin Dr. Theresa W. Tobin Associate Professor, Philosophy
theresa.tobin@marquette.edu (414) 288-1414
Dr. Ericka  Tucker Dr. Ericka Tucker Associate Professor, Philosophy
ericka.tucker@marquette.edu (414) 288-7232
Dr. David  Twetten Dr. David Twetten Professor, Philosophy
david.twetten@marquette.edu (414) 288-5651
Dr. Desiree  Valentine Dr. Desiree Valentine Assistant Professor, Philosophy
desiree.valentine@marquette.edu (414) 288-5967
Dr. Pol G. Vandevelde Dr. Pol G. Vandevelde Donald J. Schuenke Chair in Philosophy, Philosophy
pol.vandevelde@marquette.edu (414) 288-5962
Dr. Michael J. Wreen Dr. Michael J. Wreen Professor, Philosophy
michael.wreen@marquette.edu (414) 288-5613

Faculty & Staff Directory


Department of Philosophy
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