Fellowship Benefits and Responsibilities

The Schmitt Leadership Fellowship is unique among fellowships. It is meant for graduate students committed to their growth as leaders through participation in year-long leadership-development opportunities. Nearly five hundred fellows over the last sixty years have benefited from this fellowship. This is what some recent fellows have said:

“The Schmitt fellowship has triggered monumental changes to my views on leadership. Before starting the Schmitt fellowship, leadership discussions were always in a classroom setting with a narrow purview. The fellowship has allowed me to open my mind to the different ways I affect others and how to enhance that interaction.”

“I realized that leadership talent is not something you are born with, but a skill. Just like any skill, it requires practice to master.”

“I began the fellowship year thinking leadership was about one person but ended with a new outlook on leadership as a gathering and generating of forces – the building of a team, the creation of a shared spirit or set of values, and a continued inspiration and motivation in the direction of a shared goal.”

Benefits of the Schmitt Leadership Fellowship

  • Professional and personal leadership growth.
  • Having an increased awareness of one’s strengths and challenges as a leader.
  • Building relationships with students from other disciplines.
  • Increased comfort when stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.
  • Opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Responsibilities of the Schmitt Leadership Fellow


Whole-group meetings are generally held every other week during each semester of the fellowship to project-plan, review readings and resources, and debrief self-assessments (such as StrengthsFinder, MBTI, Meyers-Briggs, DISC, etc.) Fellows also meet with Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation representatives at the end of the fellowship year. Fellows are expected to engage in activities and discussions.

Readings and Resources

Selected readings, videos, and TED Talks are provided throughout the year for fellows to apply to their personal development, their project development, and their meeting with the Schmitt Foundation representatives.


Fellows develop a group project with a scope and scale appropriate for the fellowship year, which is shared with the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation.


At the end of the fellowship year, fellows will have contributed to a tangible project and will be expected to reflect upon their personal and professional leadership development, applying concepts from fellowship readings and resources.