Society of Schmitt Fellows

“The important thing to do is to figure out a place for yourself in this world and then do something about it.”

~ Arthur Schmitt

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Schmitt fellow alumni are part of a distinguished group.  The Marquette’s Society of Schmitt Fellows provides current fellows and alums an opportunity to honor the legacy of Arthur J. Schmitt, connecting with each other to further their impact. 

View our past Schmitt fellows from diverse backgrounds and education.

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Looking for ways to stay connected to Marquette University's Society of Schmitt Fellows and continue to Be the Difference? Here are some ways to get started and continue your relationship and journey with other alumni.  

Arthur Schmitt

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Inspire others by sharing your story. Whether remembering the impact of the Schmitt fellowship on your studies or how it’s contributed to your journey since, let others know how you figured out your place in the world and what you did about it.

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Support Schmitt Fellowships

Through various efforts, you can support a future Schmitt fellow. To discuss ways you can contribute, please contact Timothy Weiss

Become a Schmitt Fellow Mentor

Become a mentor

Mentoring a current Schmitt Fellow through their journey can make an incredible impact. Contact Dan DeWeerdt to learn how to becoming involved. 

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The path that led you to become a Schmitt Fellow and become a leader beyond your time at Marquette may inspire and lead others to become one as well. Please submit your story so that others can learn, be inspired and inspire! 

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Stay in touch with fellow Schmitt leaders and get the latest information on news, events and other happenings. We are also looking for presenters, mentors and alumni interesting in contributing to the development of future leaders. Select all the ways you'd like to stay connected. 

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