Graduate Student Organization Benefits

Graduate Student U-Pass 

Graduate students can now purchase a U-Pass from Union Station for the entire year. If you were enrolled in the U-Pass program in the summer, you are automatically enrolled for the Fall semester. Look at your CheckMarq account for fees applied to your account.

  • Semester rate: $50
  • Summer rate: $25

Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Program (PFFP)

Join the PFFP and follow one of three tracks:

  1. Faculty Track
  2. Alternative-Academic Track
  3. Professional Track

For each track, a list of seminars and workshops will be offered to fulfill the purpose of each track and focus on hands-on skills that will help you achieve your goals in your pursuit of your future career. For more details, visit the PFFP website.

Recreational Sports 

Graduate students at Marquette have full access to the Rec Center, Rec Plex, and all intramural sports.  Look on the website for more details about hours and upcoming sports leagues.

Travel Awards from the Graduate School

The Graduate School has a $300 travel award for travel to scientific conferences. See the Graduate School webpage for more information.