GSO E-Board Candidates

It is time for the GSO E-Board Elections!

The GSO represents all graduate students enrolled in the Grad School. The GSO e-board meets with the Dean of the grad school on a monthly basis and holds quarterly meetings for the grad students. Read more information on the GSO.

Here are the nominated candidates running for election to the Executive Board positions of:

President: Lead meetings, oversee e-board meetings

Candidates Nominated - 3

Lisa Apps

College:                       College of Education 
Graduate Program:   Student Affairs in Higher Education 

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

I am interested in running for the President position in the Graduate Student Organization. To continue the work, I have been participating in on the GSO E-Board first as the Logistics Officer and then as the interim President (since mid-February). 

Hello. I am Lisa Apps.  I am a first year Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) graduate student I am a first-year student in the Master of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) program. I work as a graduate student in the Office of International Education. My experience includes volunteer leadership roles in a variety of non-profit, community and advocacy groups. Currently, I am the treasurer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society conference at GESU. In the past, I have served as caucus chair for a non-profit women’s group, committee chair for several professional associations and non-profit groups, and treasurer in non-profit groups. 

In addition to this experience, I believe my skills in relationship building, communications, organization, community organizing and operations will assist in rebuilding the GSO post-pandemic. I would like to lead the effort with the incoming GSO E-Board to revitalize and grow the GSO to serve all graduate and professional students. 

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

I believe all students and graduate students should be represented and valued in the student organization and the university. I believe that all students have valuable insights and experiences to share with each other and learn from each other. My current graduate program is my first time as a full-time student. My past academic experiences both undergraduate and graduate level have been as a part-time (6 to 9 credits) commuter student while working full-time. The only exception to this was my experience in the semester in Washington, DC with Marquette’s Les Aspin Center for Government. So, I understand many of the needs of commuter students, part-time students, working professionals, full-time students and student who fall in between these groups.  

My experiences span across several universities (Marquette University, George Washington University – GPSM, and UMUC/UMGC). I believe my experience gives me a different perspective that I can share with others and continue to learn from in representing my fellow graduate students in the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

Serving in the role of GSO President the past few months, I have seen our efforts to connect GSO with graduate and professional student create a community. There is more work to do in continuing to create and expand that community and the positive impact we can have representing graduate and professional students. I would like to opportunity to continue building this community and the relationships with the university representatives, committees and boards to give graduate and professional students a clear voice at Marquette University. 

Elect me as the GSO President and my plan is to work on the following GSO efforts.

  • Monthly Town Hall Meetings (topics include housing, safety, financial aid, career services, etc.)
  • Full GSO Council meetings once a semester (as in the past to collaborate)
  • Rebuild GSO Committees to help us do more to support graduate and professional students.
  • Rebuild Council and relationships with each graduate and professional program to ensure representation on the council.
  • Committee and Board representatives – I will continue the work we have done this year to appoint GSO representatives on committees/boards and work to expand our representation in areas where needed.
  • Housing and Safety – continue working on graduate student housing options and campus safety (both for commuter and on-campus students)
  • Community – Rebuild the GSO service to the community that has had a positive impact on the community and those involved. Through participation in community service projects through Marquette and the local community.
  • MUSG – continue to build a working relationship with MUSG

I appreciate your time taken to read my statement and your consideration for the GSO E-Board President. Thank you! 

Simran Kaur

College:                      Graduate School
Graduate Program: Master of Science in Finance

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

I am currently working full-time as a Financial Analyst at Associated Bank. Additionally, I help run family businesses on the weekends. In my work, I am responsible for running/conducting many meetings as well as making sure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, communication is key in the work that I do. I am constantly talking to different leaders at the bank and making sure I build key relationships with people outside of work as well. In the businesses that our family run, I am constantly talking to different customers and catering to their needs. Overall, I feel qualified for this position as I have experience leading a team and have excellent communication/time management skills. I am also very open-minded and willing to help anyone out to the best of my ability.

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

The student body should vote for me because I have the perfect skillset to be able to do this position successfully. I can look at things from many different perspectives and make sure that everyone's voice is heard. Additionally, I work hard to maintain a happy demeanor even as I work through challenges.  Lastly, I have a great deal of experience working with different types of people/personalities.

Madaline McCarthy

College:                      College of Nursing
Graduate Program: DE MSN Program

My name is Madaline McCarthy, and I would like to submit my candidacy for President of GSO.

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

I am a current student in the DE MSN Program at Marquette University at the Pleasant Prairie Program; projected to graduate in 2023.

Previous experience that I have that would make me a strong candidate for the President position of GSO is:

  • I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Northern Illinois University.
  • I am an active member of the NSLS; National Society of Leadership & Success. Currently certified in the executive leadership association; I manage conferences and lead workshops for individuals who like to join the NSLS at the NIU chapter.
  • I am part of Psi Chi; The National Honor Society where I currently do research.
  • I have been on the Dean's list at two separate undergraduate institutions; Northern Illinois University and Utica College.
  • I am also a current faculty member of NI; Nurses International and NextGenU where I conduct research and create free accessible resources for developing countries to educate in Nursing Curriculum.
  • I will be a part of a research team assisting a PhD student at Marquette University starting June 2022.

I would like consideration from the graduate and professional student body as a potential candidate for President of GSO because I believe to possess the capabilities to undertake the responsibilities. I believe that leadership is about supporting the community, listening, being active, and providing solutions to problems with effort of teamwork and communication.

Vice-President: Email grad reps, council members, keep track of committees

Candidates Nominated – 1

Nicholas Titterton

College:                      Opus College of Engineering
Graduate Program: Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering - specialization in Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanic

My name is Nicholas Titterton, and I would like to run for the position of Vice President of the Graduate Student Organization’s executive board. I am currently finishing my first year of graduate studies in the Opus College of Engineering before graduating in May of 2023. I am working towards obtaining my Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with a specialization in Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics. I believe I am well suited for the role of Vice President of the GSO, given my previous experiences and skills.

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

I have had multiple experiences in my first year of graduate studies at Marquette University that prepared me for this role of Vice President. First and foremost, I have been the Community Engagement Chair for this past term on the GSO’s executive board. In this position, I have created and hosted social events, worked with the Dean of the Graduate School and other GSO members every month to help find resources for graduate students, and met with other campus organizations to promote their events. The experience from this position has helped me learn more about the GSO executive board and how it works to help the graduate student community at Marquette University. Additionally, I have had experience as a teaching assistant in the College of Engineering for the past two semesters. In this role, I have taught course material, answered emails, and graded lab reports and homework submissions to help improve the student learning experience, both in and out of the classroom. This position has helped me learn how to balance life as a graduate student at Marquette and how to cater the needs of others, which I believe are necessary attributes for any executive board member of the GSO. Finally, I have worked as an ambassador for the graduate school’s admissions office since the beginning of this semester. In this position, I’ve been able to provide tours for the graduate school and represent the graduate school to current and future graduate students. All of these experiences have helped me developed the skills to fulfill the role of Vice President on the GSO to serve the graduate student body at Marquette.

In addition to my experiences, I also believe I’m a standout candidate for the role of Vice President of the GSO due to my skills in organization, communication, and leadership. I developed organizational skills primarily as an undergraduate student in civil engineering by identifying and ranking tasks by highest priority, creating personal systems to manage online documents, emails and events, and using these systems to successfully complete all required tasks. As Vice President of the GSO, I can use this skill to manage all representatives on university committees to ensure graduate students are represented in relevant matters. Furthermore, I learned how to effectively communicate with others during my work experiences at Marquette. Within these work experiences, I’ve taken the time as a teaching assistant to clearly explain goals and course material to students who needed my help, and I’ve conversed with prospective graduate students to inform them of all resources and the community present at Marquette. In the role of Vice President, I would be able to communicate with the graduate student representatives and other GSO members to determine news or events to in turn inform the graduate student body for their benefit. Finally, I believe my exceptional leadership skills make me a standout candidate for the role of Vice President of the GSO. My leadership skills developed primarily from practicing taekwondo since the age of 11, which has allowed me the opportunity to become a taekwondo instructor in high school to teach students of all ages, resulting in the opportunity to obtaining my 3rd degree black belt this past summer. From taekwondo, I have developed ideals in leadership such courtesy, perseverance, and integrity to manage my coursework and jobs at Marquette, and I intend to apply the same skills and ideals as GSO Vice President to working with all university committee representatives, GSO executive board members, and graduate students to serve the graduate student body.

In conclusion, I believe my skills and experiences make a suitable candidate for the role of Vice President on the Graduate Student Organization’s executive board. I have had many experiences with Marquette University as an undergraduate and graduate student, as well as skills that have developed, so that I may cater to the needs of different perspectives within the graduate student body. I believe that I can successfully complete the required tasks of this role, such as managing emailing graduate student representatives, council members, keeping track of committees, and any other responsibilities that may arise. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working as a member of the GSO, this time as Vice President, and to continue serving the graduate student body here at Marquette University.

Community Integration/Engagement: Plans a community event – 1 Candidate Running

Candidates Nominated - 1

Janet Namara Gabone

College:                      College of Education
Graduate Program: Educational Policy and Leadership

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

Serving for ten years as Secretary General and Head of Information and Public Relations in Association of Loyolights, alumni of Loyola High School, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania did not just challenge my perception about community but also shaped my definition of leadership. I realized that being a leader is about recognizing, appreciating, and tapping potential of those we lead and creating time to be of service to them. With that mindset, I wholeheartedly served as Mentor, English Language Teacher, Head of English Department, Acting Academic Dean as well as Partnership and Strategic Coordinator at Loyola High School between July 2008 and July 2021. Leadership is also about curating programs that enhance meeting needs of the community. Having realized the information deficit Tanzanian youth have regarding career, I curated and in 2013 launched an annual career development program for youth which has been impactful enough to recruit beneficiaries of the program as facilitators. What I learned from these experiences is that community growth and sustainability of community development programs lies in appropriate needs assessment and collaboration among community members in implementation of respective programs.

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

I am a creative, enthusiastic, goal -oriented educator who is generous of her gifts, skills, and experience. I am intentional about meeting and fostering healthy relationships with people wherever I meet them. While Community Engagement Officer positions me to learn, serve, foster relationships, and enhance growth, it is also an opportunity for Graduate Student Organization to utilize the personal and professional Janet thus enrich community within and beyond Marquette University.

Communications: Respond to emails, run social media

Candidates Nominated - 1

Name:                         Christopher David Mooney

College:                      Ripon College Psychology and Sociology Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program: Marquette University Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program

What previous experience do you have and/or why do you feel qualified for the position?

I have previous experience working with the design of multiple communication means, including print, websites, and social media, for a travel agency and a park and recreation department.  I have worked in responding to client's requests in both the aforementioned positions.

What sets you apart as a candidate and/or why do you think that the graduate and professional student body should vote for you?

I am outgoing and have an overall sociable personality.  In addition to my work experience, I have been involved in other capacities in consumer and intra-company relations at all levels.  I believe I can help improve communications within the GSO and maintaining and improving upon the online presence of the GSO.

Logistics: Coordinate events, finances

Candidates Nominated – 0

Write-in Candidates available on the ballot.

For more information regarding the GSO and each position please follow this link

The election take place from Monday, April 25th to Wednesday, April 27, and the results will be announced Friday, April 29th. Ballots for voting will be sent out by email on Monday, April 25th, 2022.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as your representatives this past academic year,

Thank you for your support!

 The GSO Executive Board