Executive Board Positions


Responsibilities: Perform the necessary duties of acting as a liaison between the community of graduate students and the university administration and Greater Milwaukee community. This position may include interacting with administrators on campus, leaders of other student organizations on campus, and facilitating the goals of the organization. The chair will be required to lead meetings of the executive board and meetings of the GSO council. GSO sub-committee members will be required to report to the chair a summary of meetings attended.

Vice President

Responsibilities: Perform the duties of organizing, delegating and assisting with all other Chairs. The Vice President will be a standing ‘manager’ of each Chair within the GSO and will be used as a resource to help accomplish the tasks of each Chair.

Community Engagement Officer

Responsibilities: Perform the duties of organizing community service events, community outreach events, and events focused on developing spiritual and ethical development. This position may include organizing community service events, partnering with local organizations to promote community service, and interfacing with other organizations on campus dedicated to community service. Additionally, this position will organize events to develop or maintain spiritual and ethical principles of graduate students.

Communications Officer

Responsibilities: Perform all duties associated with print and digital media on behalf of the GSO. This position may include managing both print and digital media blasts, managing social media accounts for the GSO, and maintaining and updating the GSO website.

Logistics Officer

Responsibilities: Perform the duties of a treasurer and administrative assistant, including being responsible for financial transactions associated with the GSO, coordinating event spaces, coordinating calendar invitations, attendee lists, and coordinating event times.

Open Committee Positions

  • University Assessment Committee
  • Committee on Diversity and Equity  
  • Committee on Academic Technology                        
  • University Board for Student Media 

Open GSO Council Positions

There are openings on the GSO Council for the following programs. (There may be openings for other departments/programs, so please contact us if you are interested.)

  • College of Arts & Sciences
    • Applied Statistics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Computing
    • Foreign Languages and Literature
    • History
    • International Affairs
    • Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
    • Political Science
    • Theology
  • College of Education
    • Educational Administration
    • Student Affairs in Higher Education
  • College of Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
    • Healthcare Technologies Management
  • Graduate School
    • Interdisciplinary
  • Graduate School of Management
    • Accounting
    • Applied Economics
    • Corporate Communication
    • Executive MBA
    • Human Resources
    • Joint/Interdisciplinary
    • Leadership
    • STEM-MBA
  • School of Dentistry
    • Advanced Education in General Dentistry
    • Dental Biomaterials
    • Dentistry
    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • Prosthodontics