Accessing Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a tool that will assist students in building the best schedule based on their needs. Courses can be scheduled according to degree requirement needs and time can be blocked from scheduling for work, athletic practice, or any other breaks. The schedule can be highly customizable.

Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Manage Classes tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2: Open Schedule Planner

Select Schedule Planner from the left-had navigation menu.  Click the Open Schedule Planner button to open Schedule Planner in a new window.  Be sure you have pop-ups allowed on your browser.


Undergraduate and Graduate School of Management students also have the option of adding required classes to their planner through the course details link in their My Academic Requirements report.  For more information on using this report, please see Degree Progress Reports.


Using Schedule Planner

See the video below for additional instructions on navigating the Schedule Planner website. 


Schedule Planner Validate Feature

Prior to registration, Schedule Planner allows students to validate their schedules to ensure they will be able to successfully register when registration opens. This includes checking for prerequisites, registration holds and repeated classes. Schedule Planner will not allow students to generate schedules with time conflicts.

After schedules have been generated, click or tap a schedule to view it.


Click or tap the Validate button at the top of the next page.


When the potential schedule has been validated, a validation results box will appear with the details for each class indicating whether there are registration problems.