How Do I Drop a Class, Withdraw From Classes or Withdraw From the University?

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How do I drop a class?

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Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Manage Classes tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).



Step 2: Enroll link

Under the Enroll menu in the left navigation bar, click or tap Drop Classes and elect the appropriate term.  Click or tap Continue.

Step 3: Drop classes

A new page appears with a list of the classes in which you are enrolled for the term.

Check the box beside each class you wish to drop.  Click or tap the Drop Selected Classes button.


Step 4: Finish dropping

Verify that you have selected the correct class to drop and click or tap the Finish Dropping button to confirm you selection.

If you have successfully dropped the class, you will receive a Success message.

Important:  You are still enrolled in the class until you click or tap the Finish Dropping button and receive a Success message in the Update Status column.

How to withdraw from a class?

Students can withdraw from a class after the end of late registration.  This must be done through your college office.  You will receive a grade of W and no longer be required to attend class.

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Undergraduate: Single Course Withdrawal Form

Students can withdraw from one or more classes, but will still be attending at least one other class during the term, must complete an Undergraduate: Single Course Withdrawal form for each course and take it to your college office.

Permission to withdraw

Obtain permission to withdraw from a class with a W grade during the period extending from the day following the close of late registration until the date specified in the academic calendar.  After this period, you will no longer be given permission to withdraw from classes except for serious non-academic reasons (e.g., injury, family crisis).

Tuition adjustment

There may be a tuition adjustment as a result of withdrawal from a class.  See the withdrawal schedule

Important:  If, at any time, you fail to manifest those qualities judged to be appropriate and necessary to the professional field for which you are preparing, withdrawal from the program may be required.

How do I withdraw from the university?

Students who wish to withdraw from all classes during the term, must formally withdraw from the university.

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Withdrawal From All Courses and/or the University

To discontinue study at the university, complete the withdrawal form.  The date you sign the form is the date the term withdrawal will be posted in CheckMarq. 

Before Leaving the University

Consult with your dean, adviser and the Offices of the Bursar, Student Financial Aid and Residence Life.

Add/Drop deadline

All courses for which a student is officially registered as of the deadline to Add/Drop are subject to payment and will appear as part of the student's permanent record, even if the student does not attend any of the class.