Frequently Asked Questions and Payment Policy Information

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General Information

Who do I contact if I have billing questions?

Your first point of contact is Marquette Central in person, by phone or email. You can always contact Marquette Central through the Contact Form.

Marquette Central
1250 W Wisconsin Ave
PO Box 1881, Zilber Hall, Suite 121
Milwaukee WI 53201
Phone: (414) 288-4000
Fax: (414) 288-4080

How do I give access to my parent to view my bill and account information?

CheckMarq provides Guest Access so that others can view grades, bursar, and/or financial aid information and make payments. With the guest username and password, individuals selected by the student, such as parents, guardians, and spouses, are able to monitor a student’s grades, financial aid, and/or tuition balances and payments. A student can grant Guest Access from CheckMarq Student Home. Select the Profile tile and  click or tap the Setup Guest Access link. Follow the steps required to enroll. When granting access to view Bursar information, students are given the option of adding up to two email addresses outside of the eMarq account to receive notification when an electronic bill is available to view online. Please note: the student must update the password, just like their own at least every 180 days.

What is FERPA? How does FERPA impact communication regarding my student records, financial aid, and bursar information?

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Further information about FERPA can be found on the Department of Education site, and Marquette University’s policy can be found on the Office of the Registrar site.

To meet FERPA requirements and protect your privacy, the following is required to communicate with us about your information:

  • Student Marquette Central visits: require a photo ID, or if one not provided, the MUID and MCAN numbers.
  • A person visiting Marquette Central on behalf of a student: must provide the student’s MUID and MCAN.
  • Email: We must email your Marquette email account when student specific information is being provided. If you email a question from another email account, our response will be to your Marquette email account unless we are only providing general, not student specific information.
  • Phone calls: require your Marquette ID number and your MCAN.
  • Virtual Appointments: require your Marquette ID number and your MCAN

What is the MCAN and why is it required before I can talk about my records?

In order to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students and their families must be able to verify their identity when contacting Marquette Central for assistance.

The Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN) is a four-digit number used in conjunction with the nine-digit Marquette ID number to help Marquette staff identify people authorized to receive information regarding a student’s account. (The MCAN is NOT associated with the online Guest Access process.)

  • Students can find the MCAN by accessing the CheckMarq Student Home and noting the MCAN on the Profile tile.
  • A student may grant authorization for others to receive financial aid, bursar or student record information (excluding grades and schedules) by providing the MCAN and the MUID.
  • The MCAN can be changed by the student in CheckMarq at any time.
  • Students should be careful when disclosing their MCAN and/or MUID numbers to help protect personal information about their finances and academic records.

How do I check for a hold on my account, especially registration holds?

Watch this video to learn how to check for holds via CheckMarq.

I have a hold on my account, what does this mean?

The following holds are placed by our office:

  • Registration and Transcript Hold: This hold prevents a student from registering for classes and receiving academic transcripts. It is only removed when the account is paid in full or the monthly payment plan is on budget and payments are up to date. 
  • Credit Hold — Do not issue refund: This type of hold prevents a student from receiving a refund check. It does not affect a student's registration or transcripts.
  • Payment Plan — Do not issue refund hold: This hold is placed when the student or the parent is enrolled on the payment plan. It prevents a refund check from running; it does not affect a student's academic transcripts or registration.
  • EOP — Do not issue refund: Students in the EOP program cannot receive a refund check unless it is requested by the EOP office. A student in EOP with any kind of hold placed by our office must speak to EOP about the hold.
  • Do not issue refund — Dropped credit hours: This hold means that a student dropped a course or courses and their financial aid must be reviewed. They are not eligible for a refund check until their aid has been reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • NOR—Multiple Pay Lines: This hold means that an anticipated refund is coming from multiple sources and needs to be resolved by the Office of the Bursar before the refund is issued.

Why is there a registration hold on my account from the Office of the Bursar?

Our office places a registration and transcript hold on all accounts with past due balances. This hold can only be removed when the account is paid in full or the monthly payment plan is on budget and payments are up to date. 

Why isn’t my financial aid paying?

 In order to determine why financial aid may not be on your Bursar bill or is not disbursing to your Student account, please review the "Top 11 Reasons Why Your Financial Aid Is Not Appearing on Your Bill." 

How do I get the bursar registration hold taken off my account?

Registration and transcript holds are only removed when the account is paid in full or the monthly payment plan is on budget and payments are up to date. 


Payment Information

How do I make a payment for my account?

The Office of the Bursar accepts payment in office, online, or by mail. The listing for acceptable methods of payment can be found on the Marquette Central website.

I would like to make an international student payment for my balance due. How can I do that?

The Office of the Bursar accepts international payments through Flywire.

Can I pay for my tuition for the year in one payment?

No, the Office of the Bursar bills per semester, so we are unable to accept a payment for an upcoming term that has not yet been billed. If there is an overpayment made on an account, the student would be refunded the credit.

Can I make a credit/debit card payment in office?

No, credit/debit card payments can only be made online.

What are the fees for paying online?

There are no fees for making an e-payment from a checking or savings account. There is a 2.5% convenience fee that is charged if you make a credit or debit card payment.



When am I going to receive my refund?

Refunds generate on Mondays and Thursdays. (Weeks with a university holiday may require a different schedule.) Students will receive an email notification in their eMarq account when a refund has generated.

How will my refund be given to me?

Marquette Central recommends students sign up for direct deposit for their refund, which can be done in CheckMarq Student Home by selecting the Student Account tile and clicking or tapping Direct Deposit.

A paper check can be picked up at Marquette Central by the student.  The student will need a picture ID. 

Student's can request their refund check be mailed by e-mailing from their E-Marq account.  Please include the address where the check should be mailed.

All checks not picked up within 3 weeks will be mailed to the campus address if not enrolled in direct deposit.

Can someone pick up my refund check for me?


I am an EOP student and I have a credit on my account, why haven’t I gotten my refund yet?

The Office of the Bursar will generate a refund on an EOP account after we receive a request to do so from the EOP office.

I am dropping a class this semester. Will I receive a refund for the charges?

If a student drops a course, any refunds owed will be based on the official date of withdrawal as verified by the college office. The Office of the Bursar lists the withdrawal schedules online for each semester. Please note that if an undergraduate student drops a course and their remaining course load for the semester remains at 12 credits or above, there is no change to their tuition rate.

I lost my refund check, how do I get it replaced?

Contact Marquette Central to discuss. We will be able to verify if the check has been cashed or not, and issue a new one if needed.

I received a refund and I won’t need all of the money. How can I return the amount that I no longer want?

Contact Marquette Central to coordinate the return of the refund and the reduction of the loan amounts requested for the semester.

If I get an email about a refund check stale date warning, can I still cash the check or is it too late? What should I do when I get that email?

The email is sent as a reminder to cash the check that is getting close to its stale date, which is 90 days after the issue date. The refund check reads “Void after 90 days” so banks generally won’t cash them after the stale date. Both the issue date and stale date are listed in the email, and you have until the stale date to cash the check. The check becomes non-negotiable after that date. If you receive the email, please cash the check by the stale date listed in the email. If the stale date has passed, the funds will either be issued back to the Title IV financial aid source, applied to other outstanding charges, or a new refund check may be issued, depending on the type of payment that caused the refund.

I took out a loan so I could get a refund for living expenses, but my parents are signed up for the payment plan to pay my tuition. Why didn’t my financial aid refund to me?

It is Marquette policy that a refund will not be processed until the balance is paid in full. Since the payment plan pays down your balance, the account is not considered paid in full until the last payment posts to the account.

If you requested financial aid, your financial will apply to the balance before any refund would be processed.


Billing Information

I didn’t receive my bill in the mail, when are they being sent?

All bills are electronic and are available to view on a student’s CheckMarq account, or on a Guest Access account that a student has created. An email notice is sent to the student eMarq account and any Guest Access email when a bill is available to view online.

How do I look up my account balance?

Watch this video to learn how to look up your account balance via CheckMarq.

When should I expect a bill for the semester?

Initial billing statements are available for all registered students in mid-July for the fall term; in early December for the spring term; and in early May for the summer term.

What credit load do I have to carry as an undergraduate student to be charged the fulltime rate?

Undergraduate students are charged the fulltime tuition rate if they are registered for 12 credits or above. If a student is registered less than 12 credits, they are charged the per credit hour rate.

What are the fees that are being billed on my account? Are they optional?

All full-time undergraduate students are assessed the following mandatory fees each term: the Student Activity Fee, the UPass fee, the Recreation and Wellness fee, the Medical Clinic fee and the Technology fee.

  • The Student Activity Fee is used by the student government to fund different events for students on campus.
  • The UPass fee allows students to utilize the Milwaukee County Transit System throughout the term.
  • The Recreation and Wellness fee, passed through a referendum in March 2016 by Marquette University Student Government, will support the implementation of a new recreation and wellness center.
  • The Medical Clinic fee enables students to use the clinic on campus. Please note that the Medical Clinic fee is not a form of health insurance.
  • The Technology fee contributes to the purchase, implementation, staffing and support of information technology that directly benefits students and the academic learning environment.

The student fees are mandatory; they cannot be waived from a student account.

What are the lab fees for?

Students enrolled in laboratory sections can expect to be charged laboratory fees per class. Laboratory fees help ensure that students are receiving the best and most appropriate technology to enhance their learning and prepare them for competitive careers.

I will not be registered fulltime this semester. What will my tuition charges be?

Undergraduate students who are registered less than fulltime are billed at a per credit hour rate. Please refer to the Rate Guide to find current tuition rates.

Are the tuition charges for J Session classes already included in my fall semester tuition?

No, tuition is charged per credit hour. The tuition rate is listed in the Rate Guide.

I am a full-time undergraduate student and I just dropped a course. Will my tuition charge change?

A full-time undergraduate student is charged a flat rate of tuition for registration. Changes will only occur if you drop below 12 credits prior to the end of the tuition adjustment period. The remaining tuition charge is based on the Withdrawal Schedule. Please be aware that dropping below 12 credits may also impact your financial aid.

Has my financial aid disbursed?

A student can view their Account Activity in their CheckMarq account to see if aid has disbursed. In order to determine why financial aid may not be on your bursar bill or is not disbursing on to your bursar account, please review the "Top 12 Reasons Why Your Financial Aid is not Appearing on you Bill"

What is the $100.00 Block Removal Fee that I have on my account?

Per the Bursar payment policy, if an account has a past due balance that is paid after November 1st for the fall term, or after March 1st for the spring term, a $100.00 Block Removal Fee is assessed at the time that the payment in full is received.

Can I use my fall term financial aid to pay my summer balance?

No. Financial aid is term-specific. For example, fall term financial aid can only be used to pay fall term charges.

I accepted new financial aid after the bill generated. When will I receive an updated bill that will include this information?

New bills do not generate if there is a change to financial aid. To see the most up-to-date amounts due for the semester, log in to CheckMarq and navigate to CheckMarq Student Home > Student Account > Account Balance.

How does Federal Work Study/Marquette Student Employment apply to my bursar account?

Work Study awards are earned by working for eligible employers and collecting a biweekly pay check based on rate of pay and hours worked up to the amount of the award. These awards are not applied to Bursar accounts.

How can I pay my bill with a 529 plan?

Contact your 529 education savings plan provider to let them know you would like to use the funds to make a payment. You will need to provide them with the payment address for the Office of the Bursar. The provider will typically issue a check directly to Marquette for the amount that is requested or you are eligible to use.

I use College Illinois, what do I need to do for Marquette to receive payment?

If this is the first time that you have used College Illinois, contact them directly to inform them that you are going to be starting at Marquette. College Illinois will then send Marquette your information, and we bill them based on their published per credit hour rate after the end of the late registration period for a semester. College Illinois will send Marquette the funds due from them in early October for the fall term, and in early March for the spring.

I am an employee of Marquette, what is tuition remission? What is my eligibility, or the eligibility of my spouse or dependents?

Information regarding employee remission can be found on the Marquette Central website. If a dependent student is eligible for remission as determined by the Human Resources office, the Office of the Bursar will have the credit automatically posted to a student account. A spouse, part time faculty member, or part time employee will need to submit a remission form to the Office of the Bursar at the beginning of an academic year to have the benefit applied to their account. 

My employer is offering to pay my tuition. What do I need to do next?

If your employer will be paying your tuition at the beginning of the semester, the Office of the Bursar will accept any vouchers or guarantee of payment from you or your employer. We will post this amount to your account as a third party payment. Any amounts remaining due after the third party credit are the responsibility of the student to pay by the published billing due date for the semester.

My employer will pay for my tuition, but only after the end of the semester. Do I still have to pay my tuition by the due date?

Yes. The Office of the Bursar will not enter a third party contract with an employer or outside organization if they will not be paying the tuition at the beginning of the term. A student will be responsible for any amounts due by the published due date. Marquette Central does provide tuition reimbursement verifications for students who need to provide proof of classes taken, grades, and/or amounts paid to their employer.

I need a form to submit to my employer to be reimbursed for tuition. How do I get that?

You can fill out a verification of enrollment/tuition form. Forward the completed request to Marquette Central for completion. Once received, it is completed within three business days, and is available for pickup or can be mailed.

Where can I find the housing and food rates?

Room and food rates can be found on the Rate Guide on the Marquette Central website. You may also contact the Office of Residence Life. Contact the University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services office for help determining the apartment (Campus Town, Gilman, Frenn, McCabe) rates.

Why is there a housing damage charge on my account?

Please contact the Office of Residence Life for questions/details on housing damage charges.

I will not be living in the dorms, am I still able to add a food plan?

Yes, students who are not living in the dorms are eligible to have a food plan. Contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.

How do I reverse a MarquetteCASH charge from the e-bill?

You will need to contact Office of Residence Life. or 414-288-7208

How can I add money to my Marquette Card?

MarquetteCASH can be added to your MarquetteCard online at:   For more questions about MarquetteCASH contact the card office at 414-288-2273.

I am an undergraduate student, will I be charged extra tuition if I enroll in more than 18 credits?

No, there is no additional charge for more than 18 credits, but you may need the approval of your college.


Marquette Monthly Payment Plan (MMPP)

I am enrolled in the payment plan. Why am I receiving bills from your office?

You will continue to receive monthly statements from our office even if you are on the payment plan. You may use them to monitor any changes in the student's account balance and to monitor our receipt of your Nelnet payments. New charges on a student's account will not result in an automatic contract adjustment. You will need to contact Marquette Central to adjust the budget for the term.

It is after August 5th (Fall)/January 5th (Spring), but I would like to utilize MMPP. Am I still able to enroll?

Yes, you may still enroll. You will owe the $35 semester enrollment fee, plus any payments that have passed.

Please view the deadline to enroll on the Nelnet website.

I think I budgeted correctly for my payment plan, but how do I know for sure?

Please feel free to contact Marquette Central at any time during business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CT Monday-Friday) with your budgeting questions.

I think my original budget is too high, because I received additional financial aid. Can I adjust my payments?

Yes, you may certainly adjust your payments. Please contact our office directly at (414) 288-4000 to request that your contract be reduced. Your contract will be adjusted and the new amount will be reflected in next month's Nelnet bill. (For example, if you have already received the February bill, you still owe the amount due on that bill. Your contract will then be adjusted for the remaining 3 months.)

What methods of payment are available?

Payment options include ACH or credit card (an additional fee will be assessed).

Can I reactivate my terminated contract?

You cannot reactivate your terminated contract. You will need to enroll in another plan and pay the $35 enrollment fee again.

I have not yet received my financial aid package. How do I determine a budget?

You will need to budget without your financial aid. When you do receive notification of your aid package, you may decrease your contract to reflect the amount of your aid.

Can I sign up for a payment plan for the summer?

There are no payment plans available for the summer. Payment is due in full by the published due date.

Is there a way to set up a payment plan while I am in your office?

Students and parents cannot sign up for the MMPP in our office. You can enroll online, or by phone 1 (800) 609-8056.

My parent signed up for a payment plan, but I requested financial aid for living expenses.  When will I get my financial aid refund?

It is Marquette policy that a refund will not be processed until the balance is paid in full. Since the payment plan pays down your balance, the account is not considered paid in full until the last payment posts to the account.

If you requested financial aid, your financial will apply to the balance before any refund would be processed.