The first step in receiving financial aid is Applying for Aid. The aid process doesn't end there, however. Read below to follow any steps you may need to do to Accept your Aid.

Note: For detailed information about your financial aid offer, please see the Financial Aid Guide 

Plan ahead!

Take advantage of the Expense Worksheet, which shows the direct cost of attending Marquette University, while taking into account your financial aid offer. Log in to CheckMarq and navigate to CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid > Accept/Decline Aid > Expense Worksheet.

expense worksheet

View your Financial Aid Offer in CheckMarq

Under the Financial Aid tile in 
CheckMarq Student Home, click or tap the Accept/Decline Aid heading. Then click or tap the Accept/Decline Aid link.

  1. Scholarships/grants are automatically accepted for you.
  2. The Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Direct Loans and Marquette Institutional Loans are accepted in CheckMarq. Select Accept from the drop down for the loans you are accepting, you have the option to reduce the loan amount if you do not need the full loan. Click or tap Submit at the top after making your selection on available loans.
  3. The Optional Loan cannot be accepted in CheckMarq. If needed, apply for a PLUS loan at or look for a student alternative loan lender.
  4. Any aid accepted will be evenly split between fall/spring.

Watch your email!

After accepting your aid in CheckMarq, you will be notified by email if you need to complete entrance counseling and/or complete a master promissory note. Aid will pay to your student account once the necessary steps have been completed.