Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Financial Aid Online

We know the financial aid process can seem daunting and even intimidating. This Step-by-Step Guide is designed to help you successfully complete the financial aid application process.

The 2024-25 FAFSA is now available. File the FAFSA as soon as you can

To ensure a smooth financial aid process, you will need to access CheckMarq and your eMarq email account. If you have trouble accessing CheckMarq, contact Marquette’s IT Services TechSquad at (414) 288-7799. Please note: To protect privacy, a student’s username and password will only be discussed with the student.

If you have questions once you have read the information provided, call Marquette Central at (414) 288-4000.

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STEP 1 - Apply for Financial Aid


  • You and a parent must each create an FSA ID at The FSA ID serves as your electronic signature on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and promissory notes and is your login for

Create an FSA ID page screen shot

  • Names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers must be accurate. Use only the legal name that appears on your Social Security card. Using nicknames or preferred names will cause significant delays.
  • Contributors who do not have a social security number will be able to create a FSA ID beginning in mid-March. 
  • Dependent students must have a parent’s electronic signature on the FAFSA. Per federal regulation, most undergraduate students under the age of 24 are considered dependent for financial aid purposes.
  • Gather 2022 federal tax information for you and your parent(s). If you or your parent(s) did not file 2022 federal taxes you will need all earnings statements received for 2022. The student and parent(s) will need asset information as of the day you file the FAFSA. 


  • 2024-25 FAFSA is now available.
  • You will use 2022 federal income information on the 2024-25 FAFSA.
  • File the FAFSA as soon as you can.
  • Use the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet to help gather required information. 


Complete your FAFSA at

FAFSA log in page screen shot

  • Select the appropriate school year: 2024-25.
  • List Marquette University: our school code is 003863.
  • Complete all sections of the FAFSA.
  • Enter the FSA ID for both you and your parent. Your FAFSA will be rejected if one of these is missing.
  • Submit your FAFSA and print a copy for your records.


  • You and your contributor(s) must give permission for the Future Act Direct Data Exchange (FA DDX). By giving permission IRS information for both tax filers and non-tax filer will automatically be transferred to the FAFSA.
  • When using the FA DDX, your tax data will be masked for data privacy.
  • In certain situations you or your contributor will not be able to use the FA DDX and will need to manually enter the information. 

3. REVIEW THE FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS)

  • A FSS will be sent to the email address supplied on your FAFSA beginning in mid-March. If you did not provide a valid email address the FSS will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Read through the entire FSS to make sure the information is correct. Pay close attention to the following sections:
    • Application Status
    • What you must do now
  • The FSS will show the Student Aid Indes (SAI), which is calculated using information you provided on the FAFSA.
    • The SAI is an indicator of the family’s financial strength and is used to determine financial need. Financial need then determines a student’s financial aid eligibility.
    • The SAI is not how much aid you will receive or how much you will need to pay for college. Limited available funding may cause some students to have unmet need.

STEP 2 - Financial Aid Under Review

These are possible next steps that will not apply to everyone.


Your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) may indicate that your FAFSA has been selected for Verification. If your FAFSA is selected, the Office of Student Financial Aid will send you a Missing Information Letter (MIL) via your eMarq email account indicating what is needed to complete your application for financial aid. Required documents also will be listed on your “To Do List” in CheckMarq.

  • All correspondence (including your MIL and FAN) will be sent to your eMarq email address. Students can obtain a paper copy of their MIL by sending an email request to

  • The required 2024-25 Verification Worksheet will be emailed to the student's eMarq account and the parent email listed on the FAFSA through DocuSign. 

Applicants whose FAFSAs are selected for Verification are encouraged to use the Direct Data Exchange (DDX) when filing or correcting the FAFSA. This allows an automatic transfer of tax-related data. If your FAFSA is selected for Verification and the DDX was not available or not used, or changes were made to the transferred data, you are required to submit a signed copy of the 2022 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript.

  • More information on verification, go to

  • Permission must be granted to retrieve tax data using the DDX for the FAFSA to be processed. 
  • For more information on obtaining a 2022 IRS Tax Return Transcript, go to and select tab #9. 
  • Submit additional documents by using Document Upload found in under the Financial Aid tile in CheckMarq.


  • If you have special or unique financial circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA, you may be eligible for the Special Circumstances Appeal process. Special circumstances may include, but are not limited to, parent job loss; high medical expenses; private elementary/secondary tuition for a sibling; marital separation after the FAFSA was filed; death of a parent, etc.

  • After you receive your initial Marquet Financial Aid Notification (FAN) via eMarq email, contact Marquette Central at 414-288-4000 or to discuss your circumstance. 
  • If you are eligible for a special circumstances review, you and your parent(s) will be required to complete and submit the 2024-25 Verification Worksheet and update the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or provide a signed 2022 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript.

  • We may email you or your parents for clarification of Verification or special circumstance documentation. Be sure to check your eMarq email account and CheckMarq “To Do List” on a regular basis.

  • It is not the practice of Marquette University to match financial aid awards from other universities.

STEP 3 - Award Notification and Accepting Aid


  • The process of awarding financial aid to newly admitted undergraduate students begins as early as February.

  • Awarding for continuing undergraduate students begins in mid-March.


  • When aid is awarded, you will receive an emailed Financial Aid Notification (FAN) that describes the procedure for logging into CheckMarq and accepting or declining your aid. See our guide to Accepting Your Aid for more details. 

  • If you wish to reduce the amount of aid you have accepted, use the Request Counselor Action feature in CheckMarq.

  • Students must report all outside private scholarships to Marquette Central. Depending on the amount of the scholarship, need-based aid may be changed.

  • For more information on what is included on your award visit the 2024-25 Financial Aid Information Guide.
  • Students will receive notification via eMarq when a new or revised FAN is viewable. Students also can obtain a paper copy of their FAN by sending an email request to
  • If you have questions, contact Marquette Central by email,, or call (414) 288-4000.

STEP 4 - Loan Next Steps

The next steps you take depend on which loans you are taking. New direct loan borrowers will need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note. Optional loan borrowers will need to complete the application process specific to the loan they are applying for. 



  • Required for all first time Direct Loan borrowers. 

If you are a first-time borrower at Marquette and have accepted your Federal Direct Loan(s) in CheckMarq, you will need to sign an electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete Entrance Counseling online. After receiving notification via eMarq that the MPN is available, visit and log in with your FSA ID. 

  • While enrolled at Marquette, you need to sign the subsidized/unsubsidized MPN only once.

  • For additional information about Entrance Counseling visit


The OPTIONAL loan (Parent-Student) cannot be accepted in CheckMarq. An optional loan can either be a Parent PLUS loan or a Private/Alternative loan. The amount listed on the financial aid award is the maximum that can be applied for; a lesser amount may be requested. To apply for an optional loan complete the following steps.


  • For the parent of a dependent student wanting to take a loan to assist the student in paying educational expenses. 
  • Parents can apply for the Parent PLUS loan beginning in mid-May for the upcoming school year. 

Follow these steps to apply for a Parent PLUS loan:

  1. Beginning in mid-May visit (Do not use, this is a commercial website.) The parent must submit an application for each new loan. 

  2. Sign in using the parent’s FSA ID and select "Start" next to “Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents.” Do not use the student’s FSA ID to sign in.

  3. Follow the steps to complete the application and credit check. In the School Name section, be sure to select Marquette University.

  4. The results of the parent’s credit check will be available immediately. If the credit is approved, the parent borrower will be given instructions for completing a PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note. If credit is not approved, the parent will have the option to obtain an endorser, appeal the credit decision, or not pursue the loan.

    The parent borrower who applies for the Parent PLUS loan must sign the Parent PLUS MPN.

    A parent borrower needs to sign his or her MPN only once for each student enrolled at Marquette, unless the loan is approved through an appeal or endorser.

  5. If the parent or the student is an eligible non-U.S. citizen, you may also be asked to submit a copy of your U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services document to Marquette Central to verify your citizenship status.


To apply for a private alternative loan, a student must apply directly with a lending institution. Visit for more information. Alternative loans are non-federal educational loans available from a variety of lending institutions. The borrower needs to have a satisfactory credit history and, in most cases, a creditworthy co-signer.

STEP 5 - Disbursement (Payment) of Funds


Aid is paid no earlier than 10 days before the start of each term. Most financial aid will be divided in half and paid directly to your student account at the start of fall and spring terms.

All required documents must be received and processed before aid pays to your account. These may include, but are not limited to, the 2024-25 Verification Worksheet, 2022 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, loan entrance counseling, and signed Master Promissory Note. Be sure to check your eMarq email account and CheckMarq “To Do List” on a regular basis for communication of missing documents. 


  • You must reapply for financial aid by filing the FAFSA every year.

  • The Office of Student Financial Aid must receive the results of your processed FAFSA to ensure your aid can disburse, file your FAFSA as soon as you can. It can take up to four weeks for us to review the results of your processed FAFSA.

  • If you are required to submit additional documents such as Verification documents and/or Supplemental Information Requests, or correct your Student Aid Report because it is rejected due to missing signature(s) or incorrect data (e.g., reporting your AGI = tax paid, etc.), you must comply with these requests within 30 days from the initial correspondence or your aid may be reduced or eliminated.

  • For more information, go to or email questions to:

Helpful Hints for Applying for Financial Aid

  1. Plan ahead: Become familiar with procedures, priority dates and deadlines.

  2. Keep records: Fill out forms carefully and keep copies for your records.

  3. Reply on time: The financial assistance awarded to you has been temporarily reserved for you. Access CheckMarq to accept or decline your aid online. Failure to respond to any request for documentation within 30 days from the initial Financial Aid Notification may result in the cancellation of your award.

  4. Reapply every year: Financial aid is not automatically renewed. You must file a FAFSA to be considered for financial aid each year. Check renewal requirements on all awards.

  5. Guest Access: CheckMarq allows guest access so others can view student account and financial aid information. Students can share the guest username/password with parents, guardians, spouses, etc., which gives them the ability to monitor financial aid and tuition balances.

  6. Be prepared: Students and parents inquiring about a student’s account are required to provide the student’s Marquette ID (MUID) and Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN). The MCAN is available on the Profile tile on the student’s CheckMarq homepage.

  7. Manage debt wisely: We recommend that borrowing be limited to necessary educational expenses. Use the “View My Loan Debt” link under the Financial Aid tile to keep track of your federal loan borrowing.

  8. Special circumstance appeals: If you have a special financial situation not reflected on the FAFSA you may be eligible for a Special Circumstance Appeal

  9. Investigate: Scholarship opportunities may be available. Check with your high school, public library, your parents‘ employers and Marquette Central's Private Scholarship Opportunities page.

  10. Ask questions: Contact Marquette Central with your questions or concerns at or (414) 288-4000.

Updated 2/23/2024

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