Summary of the Higher Education Act (HEA) of institutional disclosure requirements

The summary provides information about the institutional disclosure requirements in the General Provisions (Title I), Teacher Preparation Program Reports (Title II), and the General Provisions for Title IV (Part G) of the Higher Education Act. It includes the requirements in the HEA prior to the enactment of the HEOA, and the revisions and additions to the disclosure requirements included in the amendments to the HEA in the HEOA and in the Higher Education Technical Corrections Act of 2009. It does not include HEA program-specific requirements.

The disclosures include the information that institutions are required to provide to the general public, current students, current employees, prospective students, prospective employees, families of current or prospective students, or prospective student athletes and their parents, high school counselors, and coaches. Requirements for reporting information to the Department of Education are included only when they overlap with disclosure requirements.

The overview provided for each disclosure requirement is based on statutory language, federal regulations, and guidance from the Department of Education.