Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment

The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment provides federal student loan borrowers information on student loans and how borrowing will impact their financial future. The Acknowledgement is optional for subsidized, unsubsidized, Parent PLUS and Grad PLUS loans. First time borrowers will review information about loan debt and repayment of loans. Returning borrowers will review their current loan debt and loan servicer information.

Complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment

The Acknowledgement is not required but it is available, borrowers are encouraged to complete it to review their current borrowing information.

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1. Go to and click “Log In To Start”

step 1 of completing ASLA

The borrower will enter their FSA username and password to log in:

  • For subsidized, unsubsidized, or Grad PLUS loans the student is the borrower and will log in.
  • For the Parent PLUS loan, the parent who applied for the loan will log in.

2. First Time Borrowers:

Enter your school’s state, school name, and expected degree. You will be given the College Scorecard information related to the estimated costs, graduation rate, estimated loan debt, and estimated monthly payments. The numbers provided are estimates and averages; totals will vary.

General information on borrowing and loan repayment will be provided. Review the information, additional details are available by clicking on the provided links.

step 2 for completing asla

3. Returning Borrowers:

You will be given your current loan debt, including principal and interest, and estimated monthly payments based on this amount. Review the repayment options and your loan details to understand your options when your loans enter repayment.

Your loan servicer(s) contact information will be listed. It is important to know who your servicer(s) is/are, so you do not miss important communications.

4. Confirm and Submit

Review all information. Check the box to confirm your understanding and click submit.

step 3 of completing asla

A completion confirmation will be provided.

confirmation of asla completion