Helpful hints for undergraduate students

11 helpful hints for applying for financial aid

  1. Plan ahead  Become familiar with procedures, priority dates and deadlines.
  2. Apply early  It is best to file the FAFSA as soon as you can.
  3. Keep records Fill out forms carefully and keep copies for your records.
  4. Reply on time The financial assistance offered to you has been temporarily reserved for you. Access CheckMarq to accept or decline your aid online. Failure to respond to any request for documentation within 30 days from the initial Financial Aid Notification may result in the cancelation of your offer.
  5. Reapply every year Financial aid is not automatically renewed. You must file a FAFSA to be considered for financial aid each year. Check renewal requirements on all types of financial aid offered.
  6. Guest access CheckMarq allows guest access so others can view bursar and financial aid information. Students can share the guest username/ password with parents, guardians, spouses, etc., which gives them the ability to monitor financial aid and tuition balances. More information is available here.
  7. Be prepared Students and parents inquiring about a student’s account are required to provide the student’s Marquette ID and Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN). The MCAN is available via CheckMarq. Log in to CheckMarq and navigate to CheckMarq Student Home > Profile > MCAN.
  8. Manage debt wisely We recommend that borrowing be limited to necessary educational expenses.
  9. Special circumstance appeals – If you have a special or unusual financial situation not reflected on the FAFSA,  you may be eligible for a Special Circumstance Appeal. For information on what situations can be reviewed and the process for requesting a review, visit the Appealing Financial Aid for Special Circumstances page.
  10. Investigate What sources of financial aid are available from outside the university? Check with your employer, the public library and on Marquette's scholarships page.
  11. Ask questions Contact Marquette Central with your questions or concerns at or (414) 288-4000.