New Hire Responsibilities and Compliance

Accurate and Timely Recordkeeping

It is important to be vigilant in maintaining accurate student employment records. This means entering hires with start dates in the future and ending hires when the student is no longer working. Backdating hires can create problems with I9 compliance, EmpCenter timekeeping, and timely payments for student employees. Failing to end hires can cause problems when completing employment verifications. The Office of Student Employment uses this hiring data when responding to third party requests for job titles and start and end dates for prior student employees.

Assisting with New Hire Paperwork

New student employees must come to Marquette Central Zilber Hall Room 121 to complete the Form I-9 and OSHA Hazard Communication Training by the hire’s third business day. They will also receive information about completing the W-4 and signing up for Direct Deposit.

Students can complete the documentation before their official hire date in JobX if a hire is in JobX. Please make sending new student employees to Marquette Central to complete their I9 and new hire paperwork part of your onboarding.

It is imperative that student employees complete the I9s within the first three business days of the hire. According to federal law, student employees who fail to complete their Form I-9 are not eligible to work. Any hire that had been made will be terminated until the student completes the required paperwork.

Before sending them to Marquette Central, ensure the students have the following:

  • Original documentation (not copies) that verifies their identity and employment authorization. Please review the criteria and see the list of acceptable documents here. International Students will also need to bring the following items: an unexpired passport, I-94 card, I-20 form, and confirmation for authorization to work on campus form from the Office of International Education.
  • A printed copy of their JobX Placement Form. The JobX linked contact should provide this document for student employees. You can also email students this form, but please reinforce that they need it readily accessible when they come to complete their I9.

A Marquette Central advisor will provide printouts of the Form I-9 and OSHA Hazard Communication Training to complete. They will also receive information about completing the W-4 and signing up for Direct Deposit. The Marquette Central advisor will date-stamp the JobX Placement Form and return it to the student with instructions to give it to you, proving their new hire paperwork is complete.

I-9s last the duration of a student employee’s Marquette career if there has not been any breaks in employment of three years or more since the Form I-9 was completed.