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General notes

The default for the W-4 form is Zero/Single. If you are claiming anything other than Zero/Single, then you will need to complete the W-4 form. Otherwise, you do not need do not need to complete the W4 form.

Students enrolled full-time or half-time will not be subject to FICA tax. Foreign students must complete the W-4 form, however, they are not subject to the same tax guidelines. The W-4 form can be completed at the Office of Student Employment or the Payroll Office.

The W-4 form can be found at the Office of the Comptroller.

How Do I fill Out My W-4?


  • 0 Exemptions: Highest tax taken out = less pay
    (If your parents claim you, you must check 0)
  • 1 Exemption: Less tax taken out = more net pay


  • If exempt is checked - NO Federal or State tax is taken out. Caution: you may end up owing.
  • If exempt is checked - W-4 form will expire every February. You must refile W-4 annually.
  • FICA is always taken out unless enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) and working 20 hours or less.