Drs. Eric Waters and Scott D’Urso Earn Top Paper Title at NCA Panel

Drs. Eric Waters and Scott D’Urso virtually earned top paper at the Association for Business Communication (ABC) panel at the National Communication Association’s annual convention. The paper, entitled “Space is Hard: A Case Study on Using Social Media for Selective Investigative Disclosure as a Crisis Communication Strategy to Achieve Technical Transparency,” focuses on the use of social media in a transparent manner to navigate a corporate crisis.

Waters and D’Urso conducted a content analysis of 18 tweets and eight website updates released by a private spaceflight corporation in response to a crisis. This analysis allowed the authors to offer investigative disclosure as a new crisis response category and technical transparency as a new crisis response objective. Proposing a nuanced view that situates investigative disclosure as an antecedent to corrective action, Waters and D’Urso extend situational crisis communication theory (SCCT) as a useful guideline for an organization to protect its reputation during a crisis. 

A version of this paper will also be published in an upcoming edition of the ABC Journal, International Journal of Business Communication.