• Are you looking for a mentor to provide valuable career tips and other valuable advice in preparation for graduation and beyond?
  • Are you looking for a mentor who resides and works in your home state or a state in which you’d like to live and work?
  • Is learning firsthand about the importance of utilizing your network and developing a skillset to help set you apart from others of interest to you?
  • Would you benefit from establishing a relationship with an experienced Marquette communication alum looking to share his or her career journey?

There is an exciting opportunity waiting for you! The Diederich College of Communication has been working with our colleagues in the Marquette University Alumni Association to develop a pilot “distance” mentoring program that will kick off next month. You can apply for consideration to be selected as a student mentee, which means that you would be matched with a mentor during this school year (September-April).

This year, the program is being established as a pilot and will include a small number of students/mentees. We want to see what we learn, how this process evolves, refine it and potentially grow it next year. (This pilot will run concurrent with our already successful mentor program that matches students with Milwaukee-area communication alumni.) And, like our current mentor program, students will be matched with an alumnus who is working in your field of interest. What sets this pilot apart is that students will be paired with alumni across the country.
Our goal is to match students with alumni working in their home states or working in states students would like to re-locate to after graduation.

We have confirmed mentors on board to participate from a variety of professional areas: entertainment and performing arts, digital media and broadcast communication, sports journalism, strategic communication and digital sales.

How do you apply? What's the deadline?

For further information or questions, please contact Dan DeWeerdt at (414) 288-4740 or daniel.deweerdt@marquette.edu, or Sheena Carey at (414) 288-7026 or email sheena.carey@marquette.edu.