Whatever the medium, professionals in the field of digital media play major roles in shaping the way we view the world. The major’s liberal arts emphasis gives students the education to thrive in and adapt to this era of convergence and competition.

Shape the way we view the world.

Digital Media majors create professional quality digital media for a range of arts, businesses, organizations, and industries (profit/non-profit). They are thinkers who can apply their ethical, critical, analytical, and technological skills to make innovative and creative digital media that makes a difference. 

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Digital Media major, the graduate is able to:

  • Apply their knowledge of theory, ethics and professional standards to create and critically evaluate media in a variety of contexts.  
  • Articulate how media both affects and is affected by technological, historical, legal and social forces.    
  • Cultivate their unique voice and perspective by creating media that is responsible and engages with a variety of diverse audiences. 

Get involved.

Shoot video, host your own radio show, produce television shows and films—or use media technology in your own, original way. Campus radio, television, and film production units are entirely student-run.

Study in a major media market.

Direct your studies into a career in producing, writing, directing, programming, media management, promotion, or audience research. Milwaukee is a top-35 market—small enough to get your foot in the door, big enough to prepare you for any media market in the country.

Access the technology.

Digital Media students have access to Johnston Hall’s recently renovated television and audio studios, video editing suites, industry standard creative software, and professional production equipment.

For more information, check out the curriculum for the Digital Media Major, Digital Media Minor or contact Dr. Ana Garner, Department Chair of Digital Media and Performing Arts.

  • Career Paths
  • Internships
  • Recent Employers
  • Director
  • Producer 
  • Corporate Video
  • Production Coordinator
  • Local radio and television stations
  • Apatow Productions
  • Emmys
  • The Daily Show
  • E! News
  • Milwaukee Film Festival
  • Plum Media
  • Tri-Marq Productions
  • 371 Productions
  • ESPN
  • Geiger Post Production
  • CineSpace Studios Chicago