About the Diederich College of Communication

We are a college dedicated to the advancement of communication research and education through creativity, connectivity, and diversity—creating collaborative relationships for the greater good.

Our Vision

We aspire to create and be thought leaders in communication, media, and performing arts. We seek a diverse learning environment centered on teaching excellence, innovative research, and community engagement: an environment in which theory, ethics, and practice merge to address issues we face today and those we will face tomorrow. We seek to transform the world through communication in its many diverse forms, communicating for the greater good.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the advancement of communication knowledge and preparation of our graduates for a complex world, full of challenges and opportunities. Striving for excellence in both teaching and research, inspired by the Catholic Jesuit tradition, and guided by these values, we communicate for the greater good.

Our Purpose

We advance knowledge and prepare students for intellectual, professional, artistic, and ethical leadership in a complex, technological, and multi-cultural world. We instill a core of common knowledge, values, and communication skills to improve the understanding of communication as a cultural and social process.

We provide a learning environment where faculty and students engage one another in the purposeful exploration of theory, knowledge, and ethics of socially responsible communication. We see strength in the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. We engage the world in the constant pursuit of new communication knowledge and artistic expression that pushes the human race forward. We incorporate Catholic Jesuit traditions that encourage our students to communicate excellence, faith, leadership, and service in all that they do. We seek to maximize the effectiveness of socially responsible communication in all its forms, communicating for the greater good.