Whether the medium is television, radio, print or the Internet, advertisers combine memorable copy, creative design and innovative direction to create the messages that move consumers to action.

Communication Studies

Understand the theories, principles and practices of human communication, and you'll have the keys to solving puzzles presented by interpersonal, cross-cultural, organizational and conflict situations.

Corporate Communication

Imagine planning how to communicate the corporate vision, or consulting with the marketing department to develop the next strategic initiative. If these communication challenges get you excited, consider a career in corporate communication.

Digital Media

Television, radio, movies, multimedia or communication technology: whatever the medium, professionals in the field of digital media help to shape the way we view the world.


Journalists make the events and issues of the world understandable by presenting information in compelling, accurate reports. From investigating to reporting, layout to editing, journalists use a range of media to tell the world what is happening.

Film and Media Studies

Study the impact of the media on individual perceptions, issues of social justice, public policy and the media industry itself.

Public Relations

If you're cool under pressure, team player, problem solver, strong speaker and writer, consider a career in public relations. PR professionals handle crisis communication, building and maintaining reputations for organizations in virtually every field.

Business Communication [Online]

Develop skills related to strategic communication and the development of data-driven strategic planning to manage organizational relationships with stakeholders and to create effective messages for organizational success.

Theatre Arts

Actors, designers, directors and technicians combine words, ideas, music, movement, voices, scenery and lighting to inform and entertain us.