Andy NarraiChief Operating Officer/ Partner Scheibel Halaska M.A., Advertising & PR (2003)

Two goals compelled me to go back to school. I wanted to advance professionally, and I wanted to ground myself more fully in the theory and practice of advertising.

Other graduate communication programs tended to emphasize marketing or journalism, but Marquette had a dedicated Advertising and Public Relations program. Strategic planning, brand development, ethics, statistical analysis—we covered it all.

The instructors were fantastic, and many of my peers were, like me, professionals in the field, bringing experience to the classroom. We learned from each other and formed lasting friendships.

My Marquette experience expanded my horizons, leading me to leave the media side of the profession and move to the agency side. Now, as director of client services for Scheibel Halaska, I find the appreciation I gained for all facets of the business is invaluable.

Marquette's program most closely aligned with what I was looking to produce in myself: a well-rounded, passionate approach to all aspects of advertising and PR.