2020–2021 Events

The College of Communication sponsors or co-sponsors several events each year. Below is a summary of our annual events. Additional details about each event will be provided once arrangements for speakers are made.

In addition, there are several concerts each year that showcase our music program and as well as full-length plays and performances from our Theatre Arts program. Both of these programs are an important part of the Arts at Marquette initiative. Please consider virtually attending some of these events as well as our annual events to support the important work of our students and faculty. All events are free and open to the public.

Fall 2020 Events

Burleigh Media Ethics Lecture, Oct. 15, 2020

Featuring Washington Post “Opioid Crisis” Reporters Scott Higham, Sari Horwitz and Steven Rich, winners of the O’Brien Fellowship Award Winner for Impact in Public Service Journalism, additional details about this year's lecture are forthcoming.

O'Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism Conference

The O'Brien conference typically takes place in early November and highlights the important contributions of a journalist from The Journal Sentinel. The date for this year's conference is forthcoming.

Spring 2021 Events

Nieman Symposium

The Nieman Symposium, named after Lucius W. Nieman, founder of The Milwaukee Journal, is an annual event sponsored by the Diederich College of Communication. This symposium is chaired by a faculty member of our Journalism department and takes place in late February.

Pete and Bonnie Axthelm Memorial Lecture

This program was established in 1994 to recognize the life of Pete Axthelm, one of America's foremost sports journalists, and his sister Bonnie Axthelm who was among the highest ranking women at 3M Europe during her lifetime. The Axthelm lecture takes place in late March or early April.

Scholarship Research Week

This is a week-long celebration of research and creative work by faculty and graduate students and will be scheduled during the last week in April.