Dashal Young

Director of Community Relations for Milwaukee County Executive M.A., Interpersonal Communications

I'd enjoyed working with the Marquette faculty as an undergrad. The grad program let me work even more closely with instructors who are committed to the communications field and to preparing students for the professional world.

Because the university is intrinsic to the fabric of Milwaukee, I had the practical opportunity to put communications skills and theories to work. I gained a vital understanding of group dynamics and cultural communication.

First, I used this understanding as an elementary educator. My Marquette education shaped the way I communicated with young people—how I told my story. It helped me instill in my own students the desire to persevere, to seek academic excellence, to achieve.

I enjoy political communication at the local, state and national levels. My interests and my education propelled me to my current position, director of community relations for the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

In this job I regularly speak to different community groups. Every day I use what I learned at Marquette, from the most basic principles—"Know your audience"—to understanding the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication.