Joshua-Paul Miles
Dr. Joshua-Paul MilesMarquette University

Johnston Hall

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-5100

Assistant Professor of Organizational and Corporate Communication

Affiliated Faculty - Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute


Ph.D., Northwestern University 
M.A., Northwestern University 
B.A., Marquette University 

Courses Taught

CMST 3200 - Organizational Communication

CMST 5600 - Communication Consulting 

COMM 6002 - Graduate Research Methods

COMM 6957 - Proseminar in Relationships 

Research Interests

Dr. Joshua-Paul Miles, Ph.D., investigates interorganizational networks across organizational domains. Specifically, his work aims to identify how interorganizational networks can effectively address interconnected and complex problem spaces. Some of these areas include nonprofit-corporate partnerships, community-based coalitions, and systems and technologies of care. Dr. Miles’ work emphasizes the power of people, technology, and collaboration to create successful cross-sector outcomes that benefit various stakeholders. The goal of his work is to inform and support community-driven solutions that lead to social impact. In addition to strategic communication and network science, his research contributes knowledge and is used in various fields, such as public administration, social work, community development, philanthropy, and management science. 

Professional Affiliations

Academy of Management 
Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
National Communication Association 


Miles, J.-P., Boyer, A., & Shumate, M. (2022). Empowering Practices in Education-Focused Coalitions: An Examination using Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Community Development Journal. 

Shumate, M., Dougherty, S., Miles, J.-P., Boyer, A. M., Wang, R., Gibson, Z., & Cooper, K. (2023). Network Effectiveness in Context. Journal of Public Administration and Research and Theory.

Gibson, Z., Escallon-Barrios, M., Miles, J.-P., Annis, C., Carboni, J., Smilowitz, K., & Cantor, G. (2022). Beyond Network Effectiveness: The Case for Network Efficiency and Accuracy. Institute for Policy Research. 

Carboni, J., Annis , C., Armstrong , N., Cantor , G., Escallon-Barrios, M., Gibson, Z., Miles, J.-P., & Shumate , M. (2022). (rep.). Collaborative Networks: The Next Frontier in Data-Driven Management (pp. 1–49). Washington, DC: IBM Center for the Business of Government.