2015 Intellectual Contributions

January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Robert GriffinDr. Robert J. Griffin, 2016 Scholar of the Year

Refereed Journal Articles

Griffin, R. J., and Dunwoody, S. (2015). Chair support, faculty entrepreneurship, and the teaching of statistical reasoning to journalism undergraduates in the United States. Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism, 17 (1), 97-118.

Spartz, J. T., Su, L. Y.-F., Griffin, R. J., Brossard, D., and Dunwoody, S. (2015). YouTube, Social Norms and Perceived Salience of Climate Change in the American Mind. Environmental Communication, 9 (4). http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17524032.2015.1047887. First published online 25 June.

Moyer, C., Pokrywczynski, J. V., and Griffin, R. J. (2015). The relationship of fans' sports team identification and Facebook usage to purchase of team products. Journal of Sports Media, 10 (1), 31-49.

Book Chapter

Dunwoody, S., and Griffin, R.J. (2015). Risk Information Seeking and Processing Model. In H. Cho, T. Reimer, & K. McComas (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Risk Communication (pps. 102-116). Thousand Oaks, CA. Sage.

Communication Studies

Turner, Lynn H. (Professor)

Book Chapter

Turner, L. H., West, R. (2015). The challenge of defining “family.” In Lynn H. Turner & Richard West (Eds.). The Sage Handbook of Family Communication (pp. 10-25). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


Turner, L. H., & West, R. (2015). The SAGE Handbook of Family Communication. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 978-1-4833-4595-6

Other Intellectual Contributions

Turner, L. H., & West, R. (2015). Family Communication. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Video Collection.

Turner, L. H. (2015). Foreword. Family communication in the age of digital and social media. In Carol J. Bruess (Ed.). (pp. xi-xiii). New York, New York: Peter Lang.

Digital Media and Performing Arts

Cheatham, James D. (Assistant Professor)

Non-Refereed Journal Article

Cheatham, J. (2015). Eye Opener: Engaging the Audience by Staying Engaged. The Fight Master, 37 (2), 28-31.

Petersen, Connie (Artistic Assistant Professor)

Artistic Work

Petersen, C. L. (March 2015 - July 2015). Music performance-major participant. "Rappaccini's Daughter - Daniel Catán," Des Moines Metro Opera, Milwaukee, WI.

Journalism and Media Studies

Brennen, Bonnie S. (Professor)

Refereed Journal Articles

Brennen, B. S. (2015). Taking our Pictures: Citizen photojournalism in traditional US news media. Journalism Practice, 9 (4), 520-535.

Brennen, B. S. (2015). Gawker going union may not be last for labor in media. Law 360.

Pauly, John J. (Professor)

Other Intellectual Contributions

Pauly, J. (2015). Book Review [Review of the book The undeclared war between journalism and fiction: Journalists as genre benders in literary history, by D. Underwood]. Journalism, 1-2.

Pauly, J. J., & Welburn, J. S. (Spring 2015). The story of Robert Hall, in black and white. Marquette Lawyer Magazine, 20-21.

Nettleton, Pamela H. (Assistant Professor)

Book Chapter

Nettleton, P. H. (2015). Hanging with the boys: Homosocial bonding and heterosexual bromance coupling in Nip/Tuck and Boston Legal. In Elizabeth Abele, Michael Kimmel & Judith Gardiner (Eds.). Screening Images of Masculinity in the Age of Post-Feminism (pp. 120-134). New York: Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield.

Refereed Journal Article

Nettleton, P. H. (2015). Stop the press: The future of journalism is not post-political. Communication Review, The Future of News Special Issue, 18 (2), 1-19.

Other Intellectual Contributions

Nettleton, P. H. (2015, June). Some Like It Hot: A pizzaiolo has a special relationship with his or her oven, as evidenced by Gregg Carini of the East Side’s Carini’s La Conca d’Oro. Milwaukee Magazine, 53.

Nettleton, P. H. (2015, October). The Sound of Silence, U.S. Catholic Magazine, 80 (10).

Nettleton, P. H. (2015, June). Dancing in the streets: Milwaukee’s eccentric street fests are alter egos to the big gig lakefront blowouts”. Milwaukee Magazine.

Nettleton, P. H. (2015, February). When writers write about writers: Losing David Carr”. Milwaukee Magazine.

Strategic Communication

Berg, Kati T. (Associate Professor)

Book Chapter

Wise, K., & Berg, K. T. (2015). Lobbying as relationship management: Avenues for public relations lobbying. In E. Ki, J. Kim & J. Ledingham (Eds.). Public Relations as Relationship Management: A Relational Approach to the Study and Practice of Public Relations (2nd Ed.). New York: Routledge.

Refereed Journal Article

Sheehan, K. B., & Berg, K. T. (2015). Thinking pink?: Consumer reactions to pink ribbons and vague messages in advertising. Journal of Marketing Communications.

Grow, Jean M. (Professor)

Refereed Journal Articles

Torras, M. M., & Grow, J. M. (2015). Creative women in Peru: outliers in a machismo world. Communication & Society, 1-18. doi:10.15581/

Grow, J. M., & Deng, T. (2015). Tokens in a man’s world: A global analysis of women in advertising creative departments. Media Report to Women, 43 (1), 6-23.

Pokrywczynski, James V. (Associate Professor)

Refereed Journal Article

Moyer, C., Pokrywczynski., J. V., & Griffin, R. J. (2015). The relationship of fans' sports team identification and Facebook usage to purchase of team products. Journal of Sports Media, 10 (1), 31-49.

Uysal, Nur (Assistant Professor)

Book Chapter

Uysal, N. (2015). Peacebuilding through interfaith dialogue: The role of faith-based NGOs. In Sudeshna Roy & Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (Eds.). Communicating Differences: Culture, Media, Peace and Conflict Negotiation, 265: Palgrave.

Refereed Journal Article

Ragas, M., Uysal, N., & Culp, R. (2015). Business 101 in Public Relations Education: An Exploratory Survey of the Arthur W. Page Society. Public Relations Review, 41 (3).